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“Who Dares, Wins.”

The USS Phoenix-C was the first production vessel of the new Wolverine sub-class of Steamrunner vessels designed to perform better at escort duty whilst foregoing almost all the luxuries associated with the traditional multi-role Starfleet vessel. The vessel construction included fixes to various design flaws on the sub-class prototype USS Tiger.

USS Phoenix-C

The Phoenix-C became a versatile, often-used addition to the StarBase 118 fleet, and saw service for a long period of time under Captain Malcolm Lysander, the then Commanding Officer of StarBase 118 Operations. It served as a field ship with distinction before undergoing a further refit at Midway Repair Facility, which was completed in 2384.

The Phoenix saw numerous short runs under distinguished Captains and Admirals throughout the Fleet, including both Captain Hutton and Admiral Jessa Anassasi crossing vast areas. Anassasi commanded the Phoenix from 237904-237909 before taking command of the USS Independence.

In late Spring of 2386 the Phoenix arrived at Deep Space 17 inside the Ithassa Region, transporting both personnel and equipment to the aged starbase. As the starbase was bombed, a group of Ixvapyans lead by their warlord, Hadrian beamed aboard and stole the Phoenix from dock. It was taken across Ithassa and into the Bull's Run Way Corridor before the crew of the USS Independence-A caught up with the remnants of the warrior race outside the galaxy at Odyssey Station.

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