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((DS17 Assembly Hall -- Separate Alcove))

::Commander Kare'en smiled as he looked over the crew assembled in front of him. They had convened there after the main ceremony for a smaller, more intimate affair.::

Kare'en: First of all, I'd like us to again express our congratulations to all the awards recipients. I am honored to serve with such a dedicated and talented crew.

::The crew applauded for their colleagues.::

Kare'en: While I am also honored by having had Admiral Hollis perform the awards ceremony, I thought it would be more fitting to have the next part of the evening just among the Wallace crew. ::pause:: Ensign Sidney Riley, would you please step forward.

::As the Ensign approached, Kare'en turned to Lcmd Devar and took an item out of an olive-wood box.::

Kare'en: Ensign Riley, during the difficult situation we encountered during our last mission, you handled yourself with level-headedness and compassion. It is my privilege and pleasure to be able to promote you to Lieutenant, junior grade.

::The Commander affixed the new half-pip to Lt jg Riley's collar.::

Riley: Thank you, Sir.

::Kare'en smiled and then looked out over the group.::

Kare'en: Would Lieutenant Rayne Rowax please step forward?

::The Commander again turned to the smiling Lcmd Devar. He grinned himself as he faced the somewhat nervous Rayne.::

Kare'en: Lieutenant Rowax, the awards you received earlier this evening speak of your dedication and excellence. I am not sure that I have much more to add besides the fact that it is my great pleasure to be able to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with all the privileges and duties thereof.

::With a slightly nervous smile himself, Kare'en pinned the new half- pip to Rayne's collar.::