Tiins-la Sanhedrim

Par'tha Expanse

The Tiins-la are an order of alien monks that reside near the Solerian Rift. Their belief system holds that all events are not necessarily predetermined, but rather guided. On the whole, they believe slavery to be one of the greatest evils in the galaxy, and are relentless in their persecution of those who thrive on it.

Being alien in many ways, the Tiins-la have a unique form of technology, the most obvious example being a star drive that does not require traveling through space. Instead, their ships make instantaneous jumps to whatever point in space they chose to go. Their ships have an organic look to them, leading some to speculate that the ships and the Tiins-la are one and the same.

With the fact that they can travel through both time and space (the instantaneous jump), some believe that the Tiins-la have the ability to manipulate time and space naturally.

Though their interaction with larger galactic civilization is limited, the Tiins-la do occasionally appear.