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Eric Lundrigan

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Eric had a nondescript upbringing on the lunar colony of New Berlin. His parents, both civil servants, provided a supportive, if plain, atmosphere for Eric and his older brother James to grow up in.
Eric excelled in his scholastic endeavors, earning modest accolades for his achievements in secondary school. As well, he found a natural aptitude for physical sports, always willing to try new activities that tested his abilities. Competitive play is a staple of his free time, and Eric is often open to partaking in team sports.
Both brothers were disenchanted with the utilitarian lifestyle preferred by their parents. James, senior to Eric by a few years, left shortly after graduating from secondary education and found his calling in interstellar trade and mercantile.
Eric, unsure of the direction to take his life after graduation, joined his brother on a posting to a Federation freighter. Whereas James was gregarious and outgoing, perfectly suited to a merchant lifestyle, Eric leaned more toward the intellectual aspects of his personality and craved a more structured environment.
Based off his duties in operations on the freighter, and the impressions gained with the dealings the ship did with Starfleet outposts and ships, Eric decided to pursue a career in Starfleet.
Majoring in Operations, Eric found the structure and challenge that he was craving. He dedicated himself to his studies during his four years at Starfleet Academy, and was rewarded with stout results.
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