Skalur Expanse

Skalur Expanse

Skalur Expanse

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  • Kivor Station


The Skalur expanse is a non-assuming piece of space nestled along the southern edges of the Zeta Gelis Region. Though a large tract of space, there are not very many star systems in it, but more dangerous anomalies like black holes, nebulas, and gravitic wakes. Much of this that has gotten worse since the Prometheus Disaster in early 2392.

As it has no strategic or military value and most star systems are either uninhabited or low on the tech tree, Skalur has been mostly ignored by the empires. It has become the home of pirates and renegades much like the badlands.

Makup of the Expanse

The Expanse is large and filled with asteroids, quasars, black holes, and nebulas. There are star systems but they are infrequent and spread out. The most notable part of the system is Kivor Station, an independent trade hub that moves merchandise from the system to the greater galaxy and is also a front for many pirate rings.

Notable Locations

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