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General Achievements

These achievements are optional and are not required for promotion. They are given for IC and OOC challenges not specific to a particular duty post or character interaction.

Mission Achievements - General

Check here for other general achievements you may have earned during a scene or otherwise.

Achievement Name Achievement Description
A modest proposal
Submitted a mission proposal that was implemented.
What do you want to do tonight, Brain?
Played an MSNPC antagonist.
Holy dArtagnan!
Played an MSNPC ally.
Participated in a mission ship battle.
Avast ye
Go up against a pirate faction.
Honored guests
Work with Klingon allies toward a mutual goal.
Friend in need
Rescued a fellow Starfleet crew.
I'm a Doctor, not a...
Perform a job outside of your normal duty role while mid-mission.
Back to the past
Experienced an element of time travel.
She was a fine ship
Survived your ship being exploded, or self-destructed, or otherwise rendered destroyed.
Went warp 10 and still not a salamander
Was on-board the Eagle during the initial test of the Warp XV drive.
Special Guest Appearance
Made a guest appearance onboard another ship for the stretch of a mission.


Non-Mission Related Achievements

Check here for other general achievements you may have earned during a scene or otherwise.

Achievement Name Achievement Description
I heard that
Experienced the use of telepathy.
It takes two
Participated in a Joint Post.
Had a sim quoted by another player in your quotes forum thread.
Look who's talking
Won the Most Memorable Quote of the Mission poll.
Primary character began a relationship with another PC/PNPC of another player.
Under warranty
Took broken equipment to Engineering.
Head case
Attended the most counseling sessions out of the entire crew within a year.
These things happen
Become injured in the line of duty.
Get injured or shot during a rescue mission.
Just another day
Participate in a routine survey mission.
Subspace Communicator
Participate in an inter-ship joint post.
News Hound
Have a Federation News Service article published on inspired by your ship's encounters or activities. Note: the monthly ship report filed by your ship’s FO and published on does not count for this achievement. The article must be a separate piece published on the FNS site.
Press F to Honor
Be honored by one of your SIMs or contributions being posted in the Appreciations thread on the Forums.
Participate in the monthly Fleet Chat.
I think we're a clone now
Managed to *somehow* acquire a clone. Or two.
No pearly gates, only revolving doors
Dead? Ha! Hit that reset button and come back for another round.

(Pronounced clinically dead by a Medical Officer and brought back to life, or assumed dead and found to be alive, or listed as Killed in Action by Starfleet Command.)
Squeaky Clean
You goofed! Scrub the plasma conduits or the Brig as punishment duty.
Space Space Wanna Go to Space
Performed a spacewalk in an EVA suit! Space, space, space. Wanna go to space? Space, space.
Captain Proton to the Rescue!
Participate in a holodeck adventure.
I Hear Babies Crying...
Have a child. Biological or otherwise.
...I Watch Them Grow
Your child has grown up. They know better than you.

(Child is now a teenager. Applies if you acquire a teenager. Adoption counts.)
What Door?
Create or use an alternative entrance to a room.
I survived the Agony Booth
The most effective method of torture. Somehow, you survived.