K'ali Altair

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USS Constitution-B
Iael Danara
Position Marine
Rank First Lieutenant
Species Rodulan
Gender Female
DOB 234302.15
Age 57
Birthplace Attraxan Islands, Rodul

1st Lieutenant K'ali Altair is a PNPC Marine aboard the USS Constitution


  • Full Name: K’ali Altair
  • Nickname: Kali
  • Callsign: Archangel
  • Race: Rodulan – Attraxan/Idanii
  • Date of Birth: 234302.15
  • Place of Birth: Attraxan Islands, Rodul
  • Age: 48 Terran years, though she appears to be in her mid 20’s *Gender: Female
  • Telepathic Status: T6/E4 (Species with two lobed brain, no contact required) NR (Non-readable entity; four-lobed brain)
  • Languages: Rodulan, Federation Standard,


  • Height: 5’7
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Hair Color: Dark Red that appears black
  • Length of Hair: Shoulder length, typically wears her hair braided while on duty
  • Hair Style Duty: Usually braided
  • Hair Style-Off Duty: Varies depending on activity
  • Eye Color: Completely Black, Sclera, iris and pupils are black) sometimes wears contacts *Skin Tone:
  • Birthmarks, Scars:
  • Build:



  • Marital Status: Single
  • Spouse: Xander Altair (MIA)
  • Children: Daughter Kamaria, and Twins Imara and Tyr
  • Mother: Inara D'Sora (Rodulan - Idanii), Psychologist and Artist
  • Father: Zain D'Sora (Rodulan - Attraxan), Starfleet Doctor
  • Sister: Nyah
  • Brothers: Aren and Jahi (deceased)


Events surrounding K’ali’s birth were more than a bit chaotic due to a heated battle that was part of the occupation of Rodul. Cardassian forces of the small seaside town they lived in made it impossible for Inara and Zain D’Sora to remain there safely. Though Inara was initially reluctant to leave Rodul, deep within she knew that they didn’t have another option. However their situation was further complicated by the fact she went into labor four weeks early. Finding a new location quickly Zain brought his first daughter into the world. The original Rodulan spelling of her name is K’ali but the human spelling Kali is often used to make things easier.

K’ali grew up learning to survive and defend herself. For the next eight years that had become her life. Both Inara and Zain wanted something else for their children but enemy forces prevented them from leaving Rodul. Even though K’ali was still just a child she had no other choice but to become a child warrior even though that wasn’t her main objective. Jahi and K’ali were captured and he died trying to protect his sister. Along the way K’ali also learned her telepathic abilities had a dark side, even if they were used against the enemy. Using them allowed her to distract her captors enough for Starfleet to come to her assistance. As a result of K’ali’s captivity she suffered various injuries and then had to watch Jahi be taken from her. It left her barely after to fight. Thankfully a Starfleet Marine unit arrived in time to immediately medevac K’ali to the USS Raiden.

However that all changed in 2351 when the Starfleet arrived. It came at a good time because Inara was expecting her third child Aren any day. Zain was contacted by Starfleet forces after K’ali had been located. Only a short time later Inara and Zain were moved to an orbiting ship and reunited with K’ali. Later that evening Inara gave birth to Aren. In an effort to build a better life for his family after being forced to leave Rodul, Zain chose to use his medical skills as a Doctor for Starfleet. K’ali was enrolled in the University of Betazed in 2359 as a way to heal and put her natural telepathic abilities to good use.

During her tenure there K’ali got to know another Rodulan, Xander Altair, who had left their home world at the same time the D’Sora’s had. Both K’ali and Xander fell for each other deeply. In 2365 K’ali graduated with a degree in psychology and xx. She went to work consulting with the Betazoid Defense Force and Starfleet.

A few months later K’ali gave birth to her first child Kamaria. While neither Xander or K’ali had planned on starting a family just yet they quickly realized that is just what both needed. To honor their parents K’ali and Xander decided had returned to the Attraxan Islands for a time to welcome Kamaria into the world a traditional Rodulan way. Returning to Betazed and their work after a six week absence.

In 2370 K’ali still felt like she had not found her true calling in life so she enlisted as a Starfleet Marine. For the first time things started to come together. Her career quickly took her back into a war zone when the Dominion war started. K’ali honed her skills as a marine and in combat SAR. After being injured in combat K’ali went on medical leave. That ended up being extended when she miscarried. But went onto add Imara and Tyr to the family Finally returning to active duty after a year and half. Taking the next step in her caeer K’ali entered Starfleet Academy in 2382. She chose to Major in flight and xx. She graduated in 2386 and was promoted to Ensign. K’ali’s was assigned to the USS xx. Her designated callsign is Archangel

Things changed drastically for K’ali in 2389. Injuries sustained on a mission and learning that Xander was MIA put her medical leave for approximately 5 months. She filled a role in Flight Ops for a short time until she was fully cleared for active flight status again. K’ali was promoted to 1st Lieutenant in 2390. In 2391 she transferred to the USS Constitution-B.


  • 234302.15: Born on Attraxan Islands, Rodul
  • 2351: Moved to Betazed
  • 2359: Enrolled at the University of Betazed
  • 2365: Graduated University of Betazed, Kamaria born
  • 237001.01: Enlisted as a Starfleet Marine
  • 2370-2372: Marine Training
  • 2373-2375: Dominion War
  • 2375-2377: Medical Leave (1 year 6 months), Imara & Tyr born
  • 2382: Enters Starfleet Academy
  • 2386: Graduated Starfleet Academy, Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.
  • 2389: Medical Leave (5 months)
  • 239007.30: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
  • 239109.06: Transferred to the USS Constitution


K'ali Altair is a PNPC of Lieutenant JG Aidoann Danara