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Holt New Alliance is a major corporation in the United Federation of Planets headquartered on Coridan.

Founded on the Vega colony in the early 22nd century as the Earth-Vega Freight Company, the company was later renamed the Holt Freight Company after its founder Evelyn Holt. It took on its current name in 2376 after expanding beyond shipping with the acquisition of a number of smaller construction, manufacturing, and design firms.

Holt New Alliance was a vital player in the reconstruction of many Federation worlds after the Dominion War. The company is led by CEO Tyson Holt, the first Holt family member to run the company in generations.


  • Holt Freight (largest and oldest division)
  • New Alliance Construction
  • New Alliance Manufacturing
  • New Alliance Defense
  • Precision Design
  • Matsumoto Laboratories