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Free Haven II

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  • it's orbit is approximately 78 million km from it's star
  • a class M planet with a diameter of 11,174 km (6,984 miles).
  • a density of 5.6 and a gravity of 0.90 G's
  • a Bajor like atmosphere with a pressure of about 0.94 earth normal, with nitrogen 72%, oxygen 23% and other gases 3%
  • it has an axial tilt of 21% that results in normal seasonal variations
  • temperatures and environmental conditions are slightly worse than those on Bajor
  • surface water over 53% of the planets surface with 58% of that being salt water oceans
  • with a year of 211 days, each day is 21 hours long
  • primary terrain features are rugged hills, forests and plains


Planetary scans and records show that they have an abundance of organics, heavy, light and industrial metals. They also have gems, radioactives, crystals and rare metals all in useable amounts.


  • it has 2 small moons and 1 medium moon
  • Free Haven IIa: is 1,123 km (702 miles) in diameter, with a density of 2.5 and a gravity of 0.04 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 25,435 km. (15,897 miles)
  • Free Haven IIa: is 3,986 km (2,491 miles) in diameter, with a density of 3.4 and a gravity of 0.19 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 27,936 km. (17,460 miles)
  • Free Haven IIa: is 986 km (616 miles) in diameter, with a density of 2.1 and a gravity of 0.03 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 33,446 km. (20,904 miles)


This colony was founded at the beginning of the Occupation of Bajor around 2328. It was obvious that the Bajoran Fleet was hopelessly outmatched by the Cardassians. As a result many freighters, shuttles and other civilian vessels as well as a few of the older military ships were used to transport as many people as possible away from their homeworld.

The choice to settle on the planet that they now call Free Haven was made with the hope that the badlands would keep them safe.

During the first few years they converted many of the space ships that had been used to transport them to this world into more useful items. This meant landing many of them on the planets surface. Some of those that they could not land on the planets surface were dismantled in space.

Most were used to creat First Town, a community living with in the striped down hulls that had been used to rescue them.

Those few not dismantled were hidden in space either on one of the moons or within the nearby asteroid belt.


The environment is slightly worse than Bajor with hotter summers and a short winter that is usually fairly mild. Summer storms can be very violent especially near the coast.


They transported a number of Bajoran animals to this world with them. Besides this their is a fairly diverse and well balanced number of native animals of all kinds.


They have their own elected government that is exactly like that back home. It has been independent from Bajor since the 3rd year after the colonies founding.

Tech Level

Noticeable lower than that of Bajor but it has been improving over the last 10 to 15 years.


Most of it's exports and imports are to Bajor. For the most part they are self sufficient. They were forced to become self sufficient very early due to their desire to stay hidden from the Cardassians.


This colony has grown over the 57 plus years since it's creation till it now numbers around 3.5 million.

Starfleet Intelligence Files

According to Starfleet records the colony came under attack by Breen privateers in 2372. The Breen were repulsed by the USS Defiant.

No other records on file.