Della Vetri/Personal Log Stardate 238603.23

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Dear Diary, I'm in sickbay. Again. At least it's not due to being blown up, this time.

No, it's because something is going very strange with both my symbiote and my psi abilities. Oh, and my mind in general, of course. Much as I may want to get my hands on Tash, what happened last night was not the way to do it.

God... It's only the fact he managed to get away and lock me in his quarters that kept me from doing something completely unforgivable to him. Or with him. Whatever, it would have been bad. Might still work out that way, given how Tash feels about psi-actives.

I suppose the way he squashed the idea of pressing charges against me is a good sign, but I'll have to wait and see, I think.

So, screwed things up with Tash good and proper, and T'Lea is on her way to come see me. Let's see if my luck holds, or whether the universe has decided go cut me some frakking slack...

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