Some Things Should Stay Buried (Darwin-A)

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After enjoying a much deserved shore leave on Deep Space 6, the Darwin's senior staff were called to the Conference Room where Commander Greir Reinard announced to the crew that Commander Karynn Ehlanii Brice would be joining them as Counsellor and that Lt. Jansen Orrey would be transferring to science to act as the new assistant chief of science.

After welcoming the new crew, Reinard then moved onto presenting promotions and awards - starting by promoting Lt. James to Lt. Commander and Ensign Jack Corbin to Lt. Junior Grade. Commander Kael Thomas James, Lt. Kaitlyn Falcon, Ensign Graham Block and Reinard then where presented with the Good Conduct Ribbon, Thomas, James and Orrey with the Lifesaving Ribbon, Corbin and Lt. Commander Jen Malcom the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon, and finally Thomas and James with the Purple Heart.

After presenting these awards, Reinard was called away by a urgent call in his Ready Room, where the Captain of DS-6, Captain Christian Hallam, who informed him that an Antares-class freighter had left the base, without permission, after a regular security sweep picked up traces of weapons. As the Darwin was ready to go, it was dispatched to find the ship and bring the smugglers to Justice!

The Tenacity, before it fired upon the Darwin.
The crew was then split, with Falcon, Ensign Necessity James, Brice, Orrey, Ensign Toja Loren, Thomas and Reinard heading for the Bridge; Lt. Commander Ben Edwards and Ensign Vance Carter preforming security sweeps; Lt. Commander Jen Malcom and Corbin reflecting on the past mission while taking stock of sickbay and James, Lt. JG Nathan Baker and Crewman Eewon Saroa heading down to the Quantum Slipstream Control room on Deck 12, in order to better acquaint themselves with the drive.

Quickly, the crew caught up to the Tenacity, the Antares-class freighter and hailed them, which was promptly ignored and returned with weapons fire. The aged weapons of the Tenacity, however, were far from a match for the Darwin which quickly shrugged it off and disabled the ship. The ship was then seized, the ships itself being towed into the Darwin's containment sphere and the ship's crew being directly beamed to the Brig.

Quickly, the crew was called together and restructured into four teams, the first two handling the interrogation of the Laudian Captain, Gideon Abel, and the First Officer, Kai Inala; and the other two being assigned as away teams to investigate the ship itself. Team one interviewed Abel and was comprised of Corbin and Falcon with Reinard leading. Team two interview Inala and was comprised of Toja Loren and Orrey with Brice leading. Meanwhile, on the ship Team three was sent to try to find any information in the ship's logs and comprised of Necessity James, Baker, Edwards and lead by Thomas while Team four, who where to investigate the hold comprised of Carter, Malcolm and lead by James.

Both Team one and two headed for the conference room, where Abel and Inala where waiting for them. In order to stop the two Laudians from collaborating, it was decided that the two interview teams would be separated by a opaque energy shield. Both teams then lost little time getting down to business!

Manar province, where both Reinard and Abel grew up.

Reinard started interviewing Abel by first asking him for his Name, Date of Birth and Federation Membership Code in order to verify his identity. After the checks where passed, they settled into some small talk - Abel somewhat shocked at the presence of a fellow Laudian as the Captain of a Starfleet vessel and the two talked a little about their shared origin in Bondi. The conversation soon returned though onto the matter of the Tenacity's cargo. Abel denied that there was anything illegal listing his wares as fabrics, grains and fine wines all of which where perfectly normal (if a bit high-end) for the area. Falcon, who had some experience with fighters, inquired into how lucrative the routes where - which according to Abel where "not....a great profit, but I get by". After that the question turned to why the Tenacity had opened fire upon them, Abel defending his actions by claiming that he thought the Darwin was not Starfleet and that "sometimes it's the only form of greeting some species know". Abel also followed it up by mentioning that he was "not as in control of my ship as you might think" and that his "safety [was] a factor".

Meanwhile, the two away teams had successfully beamed down to the Tenasity and split to their relevant areas. Team one stayed on the ship's Bridge, where Baker was asked to see if he could take down the dampening field in the Cargo hold, Edwards was asked to search through the communications logs for any pertinent information and Necessity James was asked to investigate their proposed flight paths and to work out what their destination was. Very quickly, Edwards found that they had locked the ship's systems before transport, a action that would increase their tasks complexity but not necessarily prevent them from success. However, while they where eventually able to access some logs, there where a few missing and the ship's computer itself was unresponsive. Baker suggested interfacing the Tenacity's computer with the Darwins, a idea that Thomas was not keen on due to the long history of issues for the host ship in such endeavours. Baker, however, was able to come up with a security measure to protect against it, and the ships data was quickly transferred to the Darwin. At the same time, Necessity James revealed that she had uncovered their flight path and destination - Vega Colony.

At the same time, Team two where busy conducting their own interview of Inala. After leading him to the separate section of the conference room, Brice started the interview in a similar manner as Team one, however they started by asking Inala how long he had known Abel. Inala replied that he had only known him for a maximum of four months, making the freighter business quite young. As a result their "clients dictate quite a lot" to them which was his explanation why they had left the base in such a rush. After that, they settled into the business of determining his identity, once again asking for him for his Name, Date of Birth and Federation Membership Code. Inala was not able to remember his Membership Code, however he did provide enough information to positively identify himself. Brice then moved onto trying to determine their mission, which Inala perceived as an attempt at verbal trickery and instead responded, quite forcibly, that they had no 'mission' and that the job was to run an assortment of goods to Vega. When asked what this 'assortment of goods' was, he responded with "Fabrics, wines, that kind of thing. High end goods with far too low margins". Brice then responded by plainly asking him what he had concealed. Despite their expectations of outrage, Inala instead appeared to breakdown admitting that he had personally 'cut a few corners' by violating some minor tax and safety guidelines, an explanation that the team was not particularly convinced by as, in the words of Orrey, "why answer [The Darwin's] hails with weapons fire"?

As well as the pill form, the team also found liquid versions of this drug later named Phosphino-Titenozine.
Finally, Team four had made their way down to the Bridge where they had started their investigation of the area. After a few minutes of finding nothing, Baker contacted James to tell him about the dampening field on Deck Three. Due to their need to disable that field if they were going to complete their investigation, and James deciding that he himself would be stretched too thin trying to investigate the bay and work on the field himself, James called up too Main Engineering to ask for reinforcements before heading down to the bay itself. After arriving at the bay, Saroa took little time to beam down and be assigned to track down and shut down the damping field, while the others began their search through the more mundane goods. This search ended quickly, however, with Saroa calling the team over as she had spotted something moving near the shield. Shortly after, a massive Orion (who it would be later revealed was called Bo'Sun) stepped out of the shadow and immediately informed them of the ship's status as private property, which lead James to notify them of its status as impounded under the Federation Shipping Act of 2165 and requested his name and position on the vessel's crew.
Despite being a slightly older type, the discovery of Type II phasers in the Tenacity's cargo was most disturbing.
After informing them that he was, in fact, a passenger James noticed that there was a strange looking metallic object poking out of one of the ship's walls. In fact, it was just recognisable as the end barrel of a Type II Phaser Pistol, which caused James to ask him if he was aware that the Tenacity had been implicated in weapons smuggling and that there was a dampening field behind him. Bo'Sun replied that he was not, then tried to prevent James from pushing past him to investigate which gave James all the legal standing he needed to order Carter to detain him. Before stepping aside to investigate, James very explicitly recommended that Carter way want to use Heavy Stun, before stepping into the field into a massive haul of crates - most full of weaponry - however the most fact was that some where filled with some kind of pharmaceutical... Confused by the discovery, James felt it time to report back to Thomas with his find - as well as to have Bo'Sun beamed up to the Brig.

Having got as much as they could out of Abel and Inala, Reinard felt that it was time to pull both of the interrogation teams together and 'compare notes' in the Ready Room. The quickly established that the two men had been telling the truth, to some extent, with the basic details being similar however they did feel that there where some concerns. Falcon also noted that with the cargo they where carrying, jamming systems would actually be not just necessary but actually a hindrance. Additionally, she noted that even with the Darwin's 'unusual' design, it was still clearly a Federation vessel and it had identified as such. The rest of the group was also unconvinced in Inala's story of cutting corners, additionally they found it quite strange how he had suddenly changed his mood and attitude. Reinard then finished the session by contacting Thomas for a progress update.

Back on the ship, Thomas had just finished speaking to James about their find in the Cargo Bay and decided to head down there with his team - sans Edwards, who had beamed back up to the ship to begin speaking with the other officers they had detained. Upon arriving, Thomas immediately ordered Baker and Saroa to start work shutting the field down so the ship could scan the cargo. He also ordered Necessity James and Carter to start identifying "what everything in [the] room [was]", before heading over to the medicine with James. There they started to discuss various ideas concerning the medication, including James' theory that it may be a licit pharmaceutical. James also expressed the possibility that this may be related to the activities of the former Orion Syndicate given the presence of a Orion there. In the meantime, Baker and Saroa had found the field generator concealed in a box of Yamok Sauce and where able to disconnect the power source, disabling it. Just as they returned, Reinard's call came through and THomas began to discuss with him the information the teams had found. While this happened James pulled Baker and Saroa over to the side to discuss the field generator. James wanted to know more about the construction of the device and its potential origins, in case it could point to any other groups that may be involved in this operation. Before he had a chance to ask any further questions, however, the entire group was called back to the ship.

Back in the Ready Room, Reinard had decided that a reorganisation was in order as well as some new tasks. Falcon, Carter, Necessity James, Thomas and Reinard where to head up to the ready room to interview the two Laudians again as well as "wave" a sample of the unknown drug and one of the weapons found "under their [noses]". Corbin, Baker, Orrey, Malcom, James and Brice, however, were to head for Chemistry Lab 1 to work on discovering exactly what the drug was.

The Research team left no time go to waste, immediately getting stuck into how they were going to analyse the sample the away team brought them. James began by suggesting the, what turned out to be a rather outdated, practices of Mass Spectrometry. While the practise itself was outmoded, the core idea stood and the discussion soon turned to where to begin. Corbin suggested that they should begin by finding out the general makeup of the drug, which was generally accepted by the group, while James suggested that it may be possible to simulate the biologies of several species for in vetro drug testing. Soon it was decided that Corbin, Baker and James would work on developing the simulation, using a portable hologram emitter, and that Orrey, Malcom and Brice would work directly on evaluating the drug's biochemistry. Shortly all of their work was disrupted however, when Baker made the announcement that it seemed that the Warp Core had been powered down...

Meanwhile, the interview of Abel and Inala with the new evidence had began. At first Reinard mentioned them finding the damning field and Bo'Sun, however the discussion soon turned to the weapons - a discussion that sent Inala in particular reeling. While Reinard was distracted with a call from the Brig - reporting that Bo'Sun wanted to talk to him - Inala let a long, thin, blade fall from where he had concealed it in his clothing. Before the Captain had finished, Inala started to break into hysterics, Abel trying to calm him down. Before long, Inala had tackled Reinard and while everyone was distracted spiked his hand with the blade, which was coated with the drug they had found in the hold. Inala quickly dropped the blade (which was subsequently lost) and put up minimal resistance. That didn't stop Falcon from reacting quite violently to him, however, pushing the man hard into the wall. After that the scene soon devolved into chaos with Thomas shouting at Falcon, Falcon shouting at Inala and very quickly Reinard started to act... unusual. He ordered that the Containment Sphere shields be brought down and the Warp Core powered off, and when his orders were questioned he reacted quite violently, throwing parts of a plastic display all around the room. This behaviour lead Thomas to seal the Ready Room and order Brice beamed up to it.

A type-9 personnel shuttle delivering the Darwin's new Ensigns.

Back in Chemistry Lab 1, the groups was still reeling from the announcement made by Baker. James checked the Engineering status himself and confirmed Baker's findings. At that point, Baker wanted to head down to Engineering himself however James, feeling that the drug research was still important, denied the request stating that it was his duty as Chief Engineer to deal with the situation. James then headed to somewhere quieter in order to contact the Captain. Very quickly he found out about the situation with the Captain (His first clue being when he suggested an investigation, him replying "You'll do nothing. The energy fields they kick off are irritating me! So those are my orders."). Very concerned James headed straight for Brice, relaying his concerns. Before she had a chance to respond however, she was beamed away. Upon checking the logs, it was revealed that she, Reinard and Thomas were all in the ready room which lead James to believe that there was a possibility that the most senior staff may have been compromised. Believing that it may be connected with the Drug, James ordered the continuation of research. At this point, they were also joined by a new Science Officer, Ensign Alana Larson, who was quickly set to work with Orrey.

In the Ready Room, Reinard had become quite convinced that Thomas was launching a Coup d'état against him, particularly with the arrival of Brice. After asking some general questions about how he was feeling and if he knew why the Warp Core was suddenly bothering him, Reinard became quite distressed indeed and started to throw the rooms furniture about. At that point it was decided to transport Reinard and Brice to sickbay, where Corbin and Ensign Todd Manius were sent to care for him. The rest of the group then unsealed the doors and walked out onto the Bridge. There Thomas was informed that there was a energy build up in the Freighter and he wasted no time in contacting Saroa, Baker and Larson to have them beam over to stop it. Finishing with these tasks, he then took the remainder of the group down to the Brig to interrogate Bo'Sun. Shortly after, Ensign HoS'elth the new Sec/Tac officer arrived on the Darwin's Bridge and was sent down to join them.

Holoemitter used by the Research Team.

Back in the Chemistry Lab, the latest from the bridge had made its way down with Larson, Baker and Corbin all preparing to leave for their respective tasks. Before Corbin and Baker left, however, James did ask them for their progress with the simulation. Fortunately it was almost done, so their departure did little to slow the effort down. Quickly they started the simulated investigation finding that while the drug had little effect on Terran physiology (a mild stimulation, the equivalent of a strong cup of coffee) it had an extraordinary effect on Laudian physiology, causing increase in heart rate, increased sensitivity in regards to their Fielding and the possibility of emotional changes. The next program testing Haiilian physiology found much of the same, if a little less violent. With this new data, James felt it prudent for the group to re-locate to Sickbay in order to present their findings to the medical team.

Meanwhile, Thomas, Falcon and HoS'etlh had made their way to the Brig where Abel, Inala and Bo'Sun were being held. The group decided to interview Bo'Sun this time, to see if his story corroborates the Laudians. While being let out to be taken to the interview room, Bo'Sun expressed the hope that they will be "more prepared to listen than [the] other officers" and expressed the sentiments that Starfleet was "a group of racists who've already decided [him]guilty as a result of [his] species" which was rather ignored. In the room, he started to tell a story that he was a passenger aboard the ship, attempting to get home to attend a funeral ceremony and that he knew nothing about the illegal cargo. The group was not impressed with this explanation, particularly after the way he had blocked the investigation earlier and told him as much. Shortly thereafter, the interview ended and the team retired to discuss what they had learned from that. After deciding to re-interview the Captain, Thomas was contacted by Ensign Graham Block and informed that he was needed on the Bridge as though the freighter may not be fixed in time...

In Sickbay, it had become apparent that Reinard was not the only one affected. Shortly after he had been subdued by Manius and a hypospray, Brice announced that she may have been affected - possibly while clearing a sample in the Chemistry Lab - and while she retained more control then Reinard, it was somewhat tenuous. A few minutes later, the Research Team also made its arrival where James informed them of the drugs effects. After some discussion, it was decided that Sickbay was not the best place to perform research and that they still needed to know more about the drug, particularly if there was a cure for the Captain and Brice. It was also suggested that a cortical inhibitor may help both officers.

Over on the Tenacity things were going far less well. It became quickly apparent that flying the ship out on autopilot would be impossible, due to the system being locked out. Larson had also identified that the overload was defiantly happening in the ship's impulse engines, with low level thoron radiation blocking the scanners from finding any more information. Baker then made the decision that they should go down to Impulse Control. When there they soon found that the thoron radiation was being emitted by a broken cylinder and Larson modified her tricorder to generate anti-thorons to deal with them, however as it would take too long Saroa instead suggested modifying a tricorder to emit a low-level subspace transmission, which could be detected by the Darwin to have it beam it into space. As soon as they could get access, Baker suggested that Larson head back to the Bridge so she could pilot the ship away from the Darwin and dump the excess plasma from the drive coils through the vectored exhaust director. After quicklly mveing the ship out of the Darwin (with only a slight scratch on the Darwin's hull) and with just 30 seconds to spare, Baker was able to dump the excess plasma and prevent the buildup!

A visual representation of the Enzyme used as a 'cure' for PT.

This where going just as well, back in the Chemistry Lab. After employing the help of Ensign Aigle Phos they where able to come up with a working theory on how to find a cure. Between the two of them, they came up with the idea of checking what the chemicals found in Terrans (who where uncreative to the drug) and the chemicals Laudians and Haiilians have in common against the drug to see if there was anything that may prevent it from working. After having a short conversation on James' recent promotion, the test completed showing that an enzyme found in Terrans caused the drug to become inactive. After reporting the drug to Corbin, James was contacted by Thomas and ordered to meet him on the Bridge.

Back in Sickbay, news of the Research Team's discovery had reached sickbay (which bared a striking resemblance to one of Brice's own ideas) and was quickly administered to Reinard, who had started to come out of his medically induced sleep. The cure a success, the Captain was already closer to his old self - the anger and fear from earlier replaced with remorse. The same was true for Brice, her levels of anxiety also returning more towards the norm. After Brice was contacted by Thomas, Corbin stated that he would like both Brice and Reinard to remain in Sickbay so they could be monitored, however with the arrival of Baker, who had passed out from heat exhaustion upon returning from the freighter, it was decided that they could return with a monitor.

On the Bridge, the Freighter Team had just beamed back onto the Darwin however Thomas still wanted confirmation that it was not a danger to the ship, assigning James to the task. At the same time, he assigned HoS'elth the task of bringing the vessel back into the containment field (a novel task for him, as had "[studied] how to use a tractor beam but not quite to [that] degree") before heading into the ready room to communicate with Brice. While Thomas was away, James colluded with Falcon over the possibilities that could exist for sabotaging the Tenasity and only declaring the vessel safe when he was satisfied that all the remaining options would either be very visible or take to long. On Thomas' return, a strange communication was sent to the fighter. After taking several precautions, the channel was opened to reveal an angry Tellarite who asked "Why are you not at the check in point yet?" after stringing him along for several minutes, Thomas was forced to revival himself causing the Tellarite to cut off the call, although not before threatening the Freighters Officers if they revealed anything. It was then decided that they needed to track down the signal and restore the Warp Core, the second task ending in success while the first resulting in far too many possibilities. Before long, they had settled into discussing the possibilities this communication could reveal, before Reinard arrived taking Thomas to his ready room to apologise for his earlier behaviour. Before leaving, James was given the Bridge and before long orders to head to Deep Space 6.

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