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Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards


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Scientific pursuits remain at the forefront of Starfleet's agenda, and a range of science ships are specially designed and built for these missions. Many are modular, allowing different laboratory modules to be swapped in and out to reconfigure the ship for a specific mission with relatively little effort. Surveyors such as the Nova class are designed for short-range astronomical surveys and planetary research. The Oberth class has served as a mobile research laboratory for over a century. Newer deep space science vessels such as the Oracle class are capable of undertaking long-term missions without the need for as frequent refueling or resupplying as previous generations of science ships.

Oberth patch.png Oberth-scale.png
Oberth Light Science Vessel • 150.81 meters
Nova patch.png Nova-scale.png
Nova Surveyor • 165 meters
Horizon patch.png Horizon-scale.png
Horizon Research Science Vessel • 400.25 meters
Oracle patch.png Oracle-scale.png
Oracle Deep Space Science Vessel • 580 meters
Ship illustrations by Tim Davies. Used with permission.
REV SD 239205.28