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Cadet Orientation

Main Website

Our main website serves three main functions:

  1. Acting as an introduction for prospective members like yourself;
  2. Providing a newsfeed or "blog" for our community about what's happen – we call that the "Community News," and you can find it on the "news" menu item;
  3. Acting as the central hub for our other areas of the website – you can link to our forums, wiki, chat, and more from the main website!

We encourage you to explore the various menu items on the main website, which can lead to important resources you'll use a lot.

Here's what the main website looks like, for your reference:

Website tour main-site.png


Our forums are the place where members from the entire fleet come together to chat, talk Out Of Character, collaborate on projects, and keep informed about what's happening in the community. Each ship has its own forum for members to chat OOC, while there are also forums for our ongoing contests, discussion about Star Trek and other topics.

While the forums may seem a little daunting at first, you'll soon become familiar if you visit often. The forum software will track for you which threads you haven't read yet, so start reading when you can and be sure to jump in and add your own thoughts!

Here's what the forums look like, for your reference:

Website tour forums.jpg


You're on the wiki right now!

Much like Wikipedia, our wiki is open for editing by any member. You'll receive a login once you successfully complete training, after which you can begin building your character profile, adding to your ship's page, and even creating your own new articles. Our goal on the wiki is to make as complete a record of our simming, and community, as we can. That's why we encourage you to be bold, jump in and start editing. You'll get lots more information about how to do all that after training is over.

Here's what the wiki looks like, for your reference:

Website tour wiki.png

Starfleet Academy