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The following is a listing of some of the currently known Trek technology and certain scientific anomalies. Feel free to expand on any information presented here, as well as adding additional technology to the list.

Tactical Systems

This list is of the many tactical systems, for both Federation and non-Federation ships, as well as any hand weapons that can be available.

Photon Torpedo

Ship Systems

This list comprises the typical systems located on any number of Starfleet ships, as well as some of the information that can be retrieved from these systems.

Standard Communicator

Other Technologies

This is a list of other technologies available, but not necessarily used, by ships personnel or civilians.

Pattern Enhancers

Historical/Mythological Systems

These are systems and artifacts that may or may not actually exist, as well as items important to the Federation's past.

Guardian of Forever

Experimental Systems

These are systems that are not in standard use, but may still be used in the future.

Slipstream Drive Core

Unique Systems

This is a list of items and phenomena that are unexplored, unexplainable, or fall in some other such category.

Subspace Tear

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