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Lieutenant JG Zuribria, a Bolian, is currently an HCO officer aboard the USS Independence-A.

Biographic Information

  • Full Name: Zuribria
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Race: Bolian
  • Date of Birth: 236104.15
  • Place of Birth: Bolsetuat (Rasara, Bolarus IX)
  • Gender: Male


  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: In pounds or kilos.
  • Hair Color: Bald
  • Eye Color: Brown


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: Zil
  • Parents
    • Father: Britt (father) Zeren (co-father)
    • Mother: Frenta
  • Siblings: Bator & Lechar

Personal History

Zurib's father was an Engineer (with a speciality in subaquatic mining); his co-father a shuttle pilot; his mother a lecturer in social policy at the Bolian Interstellar Research Institute (located in Bolsetuat, the old Bolian capital on the largest continent, Rasara); and, his co-mother ran the family farm. Zurib was educated by members of his family at home and learnt many skills from them.

Like many Bolians, Zurib is gregarious, hardworking, and meticulous. Despite this, he particularly enjoys cooperative work of all kinds although he is known to his crewmates as being a bit of a worrywart when the work isn't going well. Occasionally he can get visibly nervous and stuttery. When chips are down, however, you can always count on a Zurib whose selflessness is legendary. His educational grounding in engineering and functions combined with his organization, meticulous style and trait of working well in professions that privilege group cooperation and group effort all mean that Zurib was naturally suited to being a chief operations officer co-ordinating a starships departments.

Zurib is, however, the same in his demanour off duty and sometimes considered to be a bit of a busybody. In his spare time he enjoys playing team sports on the holodeck (he is always eager to learn a new team game from a different planet or era). An avid sports fanatic, Zurib also enjoys cooking, playing Jazz'n'Blues and has an eager appreciation for books and classic literature from around the Federation.

Socially, Zurib talks quite freely with anyone. He always takes an interest in people and likes to know what is going on in their lives. He is, however, a bit of a gossip although this is because he cannot help himself sometimes and, therefpore, no maliciousness is meant from it. At the Academy the slightly tubby, eccentric Bolian was known for being the life and soul of the party -his quarters oftening being the party venue and his antics often landing him in trouble.

Professional History

At the academy Zuribia was a member of the martial arts club and learned a number of combats from around the galaxy. However, as a pilot he excelled and eventually became a central member of the renowned Nova Squadron flight team.

238208.12 Assigned to the USS Constitution as an Operations officer.

238309.19 transfered to the USS Hatherleigh

238401.03 Assigned to developmental projects at Utopia Planeitia shipyards on Mars.

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