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IKC Sharp Claw
Rank Civilian
Species Klingon
Gender Female
DOB 235602.17
Age 45

Zula is a freelance bounty hunter and mercenary that operates in the Shoals region. She is also the wife of 1st Detective-Officer Sidney Ripley of the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service.


  • Full name: Zula
    • For personal reasons Zula goes by only one name.
  • Title: Bounty Hunter / Mercenary
  • Date of birth (Age): 235602.17 (39)
  • Species: Klingon
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 195 lbs


  • Parents: Deceased
  • Siblings: Deceased
  • Spouse: Sidney Ripley
  • Children: None

Professional History

Zula worked as a bartender on her original planet, she continued this line of work when she could while she and her father were on the run. After her father's death and her defeat in pursuit of the man who ordered her fathers death Zula began work as a mercenary. After several years of mercenary work she eventually tried her hand at bounty hunting. Nowadays she travels the Shoals in her own ship with a small crew taking bounty hunting and mercenary jobs wherever and whenever she sees fit. This has caused her to acquire many enemies and some allies across the Shoals region.

Personal History

Zula was born into a low-class and dying Klingon clan in the Klingon Colonies of the Shoals. As a child, she spent her days with her mother and when her mother died she lashed out in a rebellious nature. The situation was not helped by the fact that her father was a well-known swindler and drunk that paid her actions no mind.

Her father got into trouble with a notorious crime family through his shady dealings and they soon found themselves on the run. After three years of skipping from place to place avoiding the pursuing thugs of that family, her father left her on the surface of a small mining planet. She watched his vessel explode in orbit after being followed by two other vessels bearing an insignia that she traced for several years afterward. She was able to form a small crew and traced many back-channel sources to a shadow figure in the Shoals region. The only name she ever learned was the Shadows Shadow. When she attempted to attack a vessel that supposedly contained this Shadow figure she found herself in an ambush. Her ship and crew were wiped out and she narrowly escaped in a pod with her second in command.

After her escape from death, she changed her name to Zula and has lived as a bounty hunter and mercenary in the Shoals region. During a job in which she was to capture a man named Sidney Ripley, she became entangled in a series of event's that led to the man she was pursuing bringing down a large criminal organization and clearing his name. During her interactions with Sidney, she found herself becoming ever drawn to his determination and courage. When the dust had settled from their rocky start she agreed to become his wife and they were married in private soon after.

Habits, and Abillities

Zula will only take a job if she knows the details of the job ahead of time, and the details of the job do not require her to break her personal code of honor.

Zula is a very capable warrior and leader. She is a force to be reconded within hand to hand or knife combat and is a decent enough shot to be lethal in close range with firearms.

Home World/Colony



Zula acquired and repurposed a scrap Raptor-class scout ship. After it was redesigned and fully armed, with the help of her husband Sidney Ripley, the ship was renamed and launched with a small crew of mercenaries under her command.

  • Name: IKC Sharp Claw [1].
  • Description: A stalwart vessel. Its thick hull can survive the pressures in the top two kilometers (seven thousand feet) of a class 9 gas giant's atmosphere.
  • Model: Raptor (Re-constructed and Modified).
  • Type: Light cruiser- Small, multipurpose starship.
  • Accommodation: Crew of 12
  • Performance
    • Impulse Drive
    • Warp Drive
    • Sensors: Standard multi-spectral sensors similar to those used on Starfleet's NX-class.
  • Armament
    • Six automated photon torpedo ports that can be loaded simultaneously.
    • Disruptor array mounted towards the back of the ship.
  • Defensive Systems:
    • Shields
  • Shield Type:
    • WIP