Zhou Tai-Sheng

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Zhou Tai-Sheng
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Zhou Tai-Sheng

Zhou Tai-Sheng is the 42-year-old commanding officer of the Starfleet support annex of Star Station Esperance. He was previously the chief of security of the USS Tiger-A and later the first officer aboard the USS Veritas.

Zhou Tai-Sheng was born on SD 235505.09 in Taipei, Earth. As a child, Zhou always wanted to seek out the adventures that lay beyond Earth. Although his parents were not in Starfleet, his uncle Zhou Shen-Ling was a science officer and inspired him with his stories. Ironically, Zhou Shen-Ling's own son Tenzin did not seem to share the same interest in the service, although Tenzin Zhou eventually did join Starfleet many years later.

Zhou was accepted into Starfleet Academy at the age of 17. While he was a cadet, the Federation become involved in the bloody Dominion War that lasted until late 2375. Though his family was concerned about safety if he should remain in Starfleet, they nonetheless supported him and watched proudly as he graduated as an HCO officer and received his commission in 2376. His class was the first to enter the new post-war Starfleet, which was busy rebuilding in the aftermath of the devastating losses incurred over the previous years.

Zhou transferred from operations to security in 2381 and later served as security officer aboard the USS Tempest and Starbase 301 before becoming chief of security of the USS Tiger-A. He then became first officer of the USS Veritas in 2390 and then commanding officer of the Starfleet support annex on Esperance in 2393.

Stats & Service Record


Full Name Zhou Tai-Sheng
Chinese 周泰生
Pronunciation Joe Ty-shung
Nickname Tai
Species Human
Date of Birth 235505.09
Age 42
Place of Birth Taipei, Earth
Gender Male

Starfleet Career

Training Facility Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, 2372-2376
Commissioned 2376
Current Rank Commander
Current Assignment Starfleet Support Anex, Star Station Esperance
  • Commanding Officer
Previous Assignments
Deep Space 6, 2376 - 2378
  • HCO Officer
    • Ensign
USS Cherokee, 2378 - 2382
  • HCO Officer, 2378 - 2381
    • Ensign
    • Lieutenant JG, promoted 2379
  • Security Officer, 2381 - 2382
USS Tempest, 2382 - 2387
  • Security Officer
    • Lieutenant JG
    • Lieutenant, promoted 2383
Starfleet Academy, 2387
  • Advanced Tactical Training
    • Lieutenant
Starbase 301, 2387 - 2389
  • Security Officer, 2387 - 238906.03
    • Lt. Commander, promoted 2387
USS Tiger-A, 2389
  • Chief of Security, 238906.04 - 238909.15
    • Lt. Commander
USS Veritas, 2390 - 239312.05
  • First Officer
    • Lt. Commander
    • Commander, promoted 2393
Starfleet Support Anex, Star Station Esperance, 239312.06 - Present
  • Commanding Officer

Service Ribbons

Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
  • Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon, 2392


  • Height: 173 cm (5'8")
  • Weight: 71 kilos (156.5 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown

Personal Life


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Zhou Yu-Han
    • Mother: Chen Zi-Ling
  • Siblings: 2 sisters
    • Zhou Feng-Xia (older sister, born 2352, age 45)
    • Zhou Mei-Xian (younger sister , born 2357, age 40)
  • Other: Tenzin Zhou (cousin, born 2351, age 46)

Friends and Notable Colleagues

USS Veritas and the Shoals

One of Zhou's few friends that he actually gives a damn about, Blake was recruited by Zhou in 2392 for a special assignment with the Veritas to combat the felicium trade in the Shoals. Serving together on Veritas, the two became close friends who enjoyed physical intimacy outside of a committed romantic relationship. They continue to enjoy each other's company when they're able to meet up.
Blake is one of the few people in Zhou's life who isn't shy about calling him out when she thinks he's being reckless, such as when he was knocked out of commission shortly after taking his first command of the USS Montreal.
  • Rosa Carrero: Previous Commanding Officer of Veritas, KIA in 2393
Zhou took Carrero's death hard, resentful that Starfleet reassigned him from Veritas to Star Station Esperance rather than let him investigate his captain's murder.
Though Zhou had briefly served under Rahman when she had been assigned to captain the Constitution class USS Venture for the Khitomer Accords centennial in 2393, her reassignment to take command of the Veritas from him in the wake of Carrero's death greatly frustrated him.

USS Tiger-A

See also: Tiger-A Security Department

Upon arrival aboard the Tiger, Zhou was greeted by T'Mihn, who invited Zhou to attend a poker game that was being held in the "Tiger's Den" lounge. During the game, Zhou quickly grew to appreciate the friendly Vulcan's spunky attitude.

USS Tempest and Starbase 301

Impressed by Zhou's service on her vessel, she recommended him for the Advanced Tactical Training course upon the end of his second tour of duty aboard the Tempest.
  • Maravosh: A Risian pilot stationed on Starbase 301.
A bit of a ladies man, Zhou initially tried to impress one of his new colleagues Maravosh after he arrived aboard Starbase 301. He soon found out, however, that he was not her type in more ways than one. Despite their awkward first encounter based on this misunderstanding, Zhou and Maravosh soon became close friends, and the pilot adopted Zhou as her wingman for her social encounters. When Zhou later transferred to the Tiger, Maravosh personally piloted the runabout that brought him to his new ship.
Zhou served with Bakari together in security aboard the Tempest.

Early Starfleet Career

In the aftermath of the Dominion War, the damage to Federation worlds had been significant, and after graduating from Starfleet Academy, Zhou was assigned to a relief effort to assist colonies near Deep Space 6.

In 2378, Zhou was assigned to starship duty aboard the USS Cherokee, where he served for the next four years, gaining a promotion to lieutenant junior grade in late 2379. It was during his time on the Cherokee that Zhou also began taking more of an interest in Starfleet Security, especially after his experiences on several critical away missions. He had done cross training at the Academy and begun picking up extra shifts on the Cherokee, but it wasn't until 2381 that he was formally transferred from the HCO department to the security department.

In 2382, Zhou was assigned to the USS Tempest and was promoted to full lieutenant in 2383. After completing two tours of duty on the Tempest, he partook in the Advanced Tactical Training course in 2387. He was subsequently promoted to lieutenant commander and stationed on Starbase 301.

USS Tiger-A

In 2389, Zhou sought out an opportunity to serve aboard a starship again and applied for a position on the USS Tiger-A, at the recommendation of his cousin Tenzin who had served under its captain, Sidney Riley. He was officially added to the roster on SD 238906.04 as chief of security.

  • Noteworthy SIMs
    • "Wingman" - SD 238906.16 (Zhou tries to pass the time while his friend Maravosh takes him to his new assignment.)
    • "Dim Prospects" - SD 238906.28 (While participating in a friendly poker game, Zhou and his new colleagues try to play a prank on the ship's resident Vulcan, but she came prepared.)

Stardate: 1942

After some downtime for the crew to relax from its previous mission to the Ithassa Triangle, the Tiger suddenly found itself in Earth's past, around the time of the Second World War. While away teams were sent to the surface to retrieve/destroy an alien ship that had brought them back to 1942, Zhou remained aboard with security officer Lidia Ivanova and dealt with a stowaway, Colette Adrura, who turned out to be the sister of Jill Adrura, a member of Zhou's security staff.

Eventually, C. Adrura was called upon to help a new away team destroy the remnants of the alien ship that had crashed into the Arctic. She was accompanied by Zhou. During this mission, Zhou and the others discovered that Soviet soldiers had infiltrated the American compound that had been set up around the crash site. Held at gunpoint, Zhou tricked the Soviets into contacting Ivanova, and with some quick thinking (and inspired improvisation on Ivanova's part), both security officers were able to fool the Soviets into releasing the away team. The crew were then successfully completed their mission and returned the Tiger to the present. Upon their arrival back to the 24th century, several members of the crew were reassigned, including Zhou and Ivanova.

  • Noteworthy SIMs
  • "Spitfire" - SD 238907.02 (Zhou's attempt to lend a helping hand nearly costs him that limb.)
  • "New Orders" - SD 238909.11 (After Zhou and his team get held up at gunpoint by Soviet soldiers, Ivanova improvises a solution from above.)

Service in the Shoals

Sky Blake, Zhou's friend

In 2390, he was posted to the USS Veritas as first officer. The ship was assigned in 2391 to Operation Safe Harbor, Starfleet's anti-piracy effort. Later that year, he recruited Sky Blake while on Onara to join him and Veritas to combat the piracy and drug trade that plagued the area near the Colonial Coalition.

Following the death of his captain Rosa Carrero in 2393, he was reassigned from Veritas to command the Starfleet support annex on Esperance, the ship's homeport and Starfleet's main installation in the Shoals, and Blake took on his previous position of first officer.

In 2395, Zhou was assigned his first command of the Norway class USS Montreal and asked Blake to join him as his first officer. However, he was injured in late 2395, and Commander Mei'konda was reassigned as CO of the Montreal from Veritas. After his recover, he subsequently resumed command of the support annex on Esperance.

In late 2397, he dropped in on Blake's quarters to congratulate her on her recent promotion to commander, inform her of the recent disappearance of Kallo Ver, and talk to her about what the two of them were planning to do once their tours of duty in the Shoals finished in 2398. Zhou was feeling restless, and he was hoping his old friend could help him.

  • Noteworthy SIMs
  • "Five Long Years" - SD 239205.15 (Zhou goes off to find the supposedly-dead Sky Blake to recruit her for a mission.)

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