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USS Veritas
Zhanyt Lafizatar
Position Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Mathenite
Gender Female
DOB 237110.01
Age 26
Birthplace Mathen

Zhanyt Lafizatar is a science officer aboard the USS Veritas.


  • Name: Zhanyt Lafizatar
  • Birth Year (Age): 2371 (26)
  • Origin Planet: Mathen (later: Zeta Pavlionis)
  • Species: Mathenite (Diserk)
  • Height: 7' 2" (218.4 cm)
  • Weight: 180lb (81.65 kg)

Zhanyt is a very tall dark skinned woman, with a ponytail of rainbow-colored hair that goes down to her back and gold piercing eyes. A lithe woman with moderate musculature, and sharp edged beauty, her most distinctive feature is her tall bunny like ears. Well, that and she's insanely tall.


Professional Career

Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Mathenite Confederate Cadet 238606 Mathenite Confederate Naval Academy Engineering and Analysis Cadet
238611 - 238707 Mathenite Confederate Naval Academy, Lowenzu Engineering and Analysis Cadet II
238707 - 238804 Mathenite Confederate Naval Academy, Lowenzu Engineering and Analysis Cadet III
238804 - 238812.31 Cadet Cruise, MCS Akachira Engineering and Analysis Cadet IV
Cadet 238907.12 - 239007.12 Starfleet Academy
link=Starfleet Academy
Engineering Cadet
239007.12 - 239107.12
239107.12 - 239207.12
239207.12 - 239307.12
Ensign 239307.12 - 239604.04 USS Temperance
Engineering Officer
239604.04 - 239607.04 USS Forberance
Ensign 239607.04 - 239701.01 USS Fidelity
Science Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239701.06 - 239707.22 Star Station Esperance
link=Star Station Esperance
Science Analyst
239707.22 - ongoing USS Veritas
Science Officer


Zhanyt was born on the Mathenite Homeworld, in southern Rheghenda. Her father was an architect, and her mother was a writer, which made it easy for her to take care of Zhanyt as she grew up. In 2374, her younger sister was born. In 2380, the family took up the offer of the Confederacy to start a new colony and moved to Zeta Pavlionis. While her father was excited to help design a new city to show the potential and wisdom of Mathenites, especially after they had the example of Noria, Zhanyt soon missed the deserts she grew up in.

In 2388 her sister went missing, and while the authorities issued a full search, with the Federation Security detachment in system looking as well, they were never able to find any sign of what happened to her.

Early Starfleet Career

She then decided to join Starfleet, and potentially find her sister. After seeing how hard she worked at what she set her mind to, the CO of Starbase 149 nominated her to join Starfleet.

Her first posting was a rather slow posting, the USS Temperance. On regular ferry duty between the core worlds of Axanar, Bolia and Andoria, Zhanyt began to notice that she was getting passed up on promotions and unable to transfer out. After a few years as an engineer, she asked the Chief of Science for the ship for any advice in expanding her skill set and refreshing her earlier classes in advanced science disciplines. Since there was usually little call for his services, he set up a training program, which she and most of the Science department joined.

However, on 239603.25, the USS Temperance encountered a quantum filament string and was unable to avoid it. It took the combined efforts of the Operations and Engineering Department to get the ship to limp into the Axanar system, and on 239604.04, the ship was written off as too damaged and too old to repair.

USS Forbearance and USS Fidelity

The crew was broken up and sent to various ships. Zhanyt was assigned to the USS Forbearance, a Miranda-class starship on its way to the breakers, as one of the lowest ranking ensigns. The Forbearance was going on a tour of worlds affected by the Dominion War as one last tour, including Starbase 149, letting her briefly visit her home, and this was completed on 239607.04. She was then assigned to the USS Fidelity, a Saber-class starship, part of Operation Safe Harbor, this time to it's science department.

While on the Fidelity, the CO, an Andorian named Kalina ch'Sathir, after evaluating her performance, was working on getting her to Lt. JG, and she likely would have gotten it if they hadn't been hit by a pirate ambush that killed the senior staff except for one Lt. JG who happened to be moving towards the backup CIC.

While she was able to get the ship repaired enough to return to a nearby starbase after a marathon of jury rigging the ship, the Fidelity was judged to need a long enough time in drydock that her crew was reassigned.

However, as a result, she was decorated and promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

USS Veritas

In 2397, after finishing her qualifications and a brief stint at the Starfleet Annex on Star Station Esperance, Zhanyt was assigned to the USS Veritas as a science officer under the command of Captain Roshanara Rahman.

Assigned shortly after the conclusion of the hunt for Henley Marths, she was onboard the ship during the investigation into a Tholian station that had drifted into the Thura station.

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