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StarBase 118 Ops

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Zara Kalbi


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Science Officer
  • Ship: StarBase 118 Ops
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Betazoid
  • Spouse None

  • DoB: 236403.21
  • Weight: 150 lbs (70kg)
  • Height: 5’-7” (1.7m)
  • Eye color: Black
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown

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Lieutenant Zara Kalbi is a Xeno-Sociologist on StarBase 118 Ops


  • Full Name: Zara Kalbi
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Betazoid
  • DoB: 236403.21
  • Place of Birth:
  • Age: 37
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T4|E4 | See Telepathic/Empathic Scale


  • Height: 5’-7” (1.7m)
  • Weight: 150 lbs (70kg)
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Eye Color: Black


  • Spouse: None yet
  • Children: None yet
  • Parents
    • Father: Daro Kalbi, Politician
    • Mother: Alameena Kalbi, Daughter of the Second House of Betazed, scientists and philanthropist
  • Siblings: Aran Kalbi (older brother) Former athlete, current physical therapist


Zara Kalbi is the youngest child and only daughter of Alameena and Daro Kalbi. Born into the Second house of Betazed, Zara showed an interest and knack for science at a young age. Her mother encouraged her in this and challenged her to find her own passion in sciences.

Zara has a fascination with celebrities and fame every since her older brother was recognized as a Federation-level athlete in the sport of endurance swimming. She always found this fascinating as her brother never sought the limelight and loved his athletic pursuits for the personal challenge of it. Aran Kalbi eventually retired from being a professional athlete and settled into coaching and training athletes as well as getting a degree in physical therapy so he could stay close to and keep doing what he loved without the attention and fame.

Zara herself decided to go into Starfleet to engage with her passion of Xeno-studies and sociology. She's done well, getting good grades and good recommendations from those she served with, to earn her a good posting on StarBase 118.

Personality Profile

Zara Kalbi is bright, upbeat positive and very curious. She loves meeting new people and studying cultural and social systems of all types. She strikes others as warm, personable and interested in people.