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  • Planet Name: Zalenaedere
  • Location: Par'tha Expanse
  • Class: M
  • System Data: Zalenaedere has one moon
  • Gravity: 1.0 G
  • Year and Day: 292/29
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with ozone and carbon dioxide content, at Earth-normal pressure
  • Hydrosphere: Moist, with 73% surface water
  • Climate: Hot and tropical
  • Sapient Species: 474 million, mostly Caraadians
  • Technological Classification: Rating N on the Richter Scale
  • Government: Aristocracy, House Rettaan
  • Culture: Cosmopolitan
  • Affiliation: homeworld of House Rettaan
  • Resources: medicinal herbs, ballin timber
  • Ship Facilities: Zalenaedere has one orbiting and three land-based starports

Other Details: Zalenaedere is a warm, moist world with typical climate zones. The planet has shallow, warm seas and three large landmasses. One is positioned in the northern hemisphere, one in the southern hemisphere, and the final dominates the equatorial zone. The northern landmass is the largest, dominated by rolling plains and plateaus. The equatorial landmass is a tangled jungle, largely unexplored. The southern landmass has been cleared of its jungle.

Zalenaedere's urban centers are located on the northern landmass. Nearly 70 percent of the land is urban construction and most of the planet's population has permanent settlements here. The capital city, Jaros, is situated on a peninsula on the west coast, surrounded by spectacular cliffs overlooking the ocean. House Rettaan maintains several starfighter bases along these cliffs to protect the capital city.

Zalenaedere's small southern landmass has been clear-cut centuries ago. Now, huge ballin tree plantations cover the landmass. These plantations are interrupted by the occasional industrial community. These small industrial communities process the ballin timber either for shipment to offworld markets or for fine furniture manufacturing.

Culture: Since Zalenaedere is located on what was the Kaen'anti Bypass, the planet saw a great deal of travel through its system. Though the Bypass is not a major route anymore, the system still sees its share of trade. The population of Zalenaedere is therefore open-minded to the melting pot of aliens that pass through.After all, this traffic is a source of economic livelihood. Zalenaederans are open, friendly, and trustworthy people. They also are extremely mercantile and always look for an opportunity to turn a credit.

Zalenaedere's cities are dominated by mercantile activity. Each city has at least one great market and usually several smaller ones - many specialize in specific goods and services. For a fee, any free merchant can sell his goods in the appropriate market. Few of Zalenaedere's markets are black markets - the Zalenaedere law enforcement agencies don't tolerate them.

Economy: Zalenaedere's economy focuses on the tariffs it levies on shippers through its space. If Expanse starships don't want to funnel credits into the Freeworlds, passing through Zalenaedere is the only other out-of-sector option. A great deal of credits are generated from support services (i.e. fueling, food, maintenance, and repair) on Expanse Sector ships, plus vessels that were traversing the Kaen'anti Bypass.

The ballin tree plantations generate less overall credits, but provide a stable market. Most of the wood is cut into manageable lengths and then shipped to in-sector markets. Ballin wood furniture manufactured on Zalenaedere is in great demand as a luxury item throughout the Par'tha Expanse and the Valcarian Imperial Republic.

Points of Interest: The Zalenaedere Great Market, located in Jaros, is the largest such market in the sector. All manner of legal merchandise is available, from rare spices and liquors, to the latest computers and strange alien cuisine. The Great Market attracts tourists from across the sector and bustles with activity around the chronometer except during holidays.