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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code YRID
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Unknown
Encountered Often present on Deep Space 9. If Wishes Were Horses (DS9)
Current Tech Level N, Possess advanced surveillance technology.
List of Named Yridians

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A race of humanoids known as dealers of information. Operators of several deep space freelance spy networks, they can be considered sources of both legal and illegal information. They will sell their secrets to the highest bidder, and therefore are considered a threat to Federation security. Arrest warrants are outstanding for the leaders of the main Yridian spy networks. Physically, they are stooped over, grey--brokers as the go-betweens for arms deliveries between Cardassia and The Circle on Bajor months earlier; he meant the Kressari. Not surprisingly, at the time his tailor shop is bombed Garak owed money to a Yridian. Constable Odo later had taken a Yridian smuggler into custody and confiscated a bottle of an unspecified beverage from him as evidence.