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Yiggtissi is currently a member of the Maquis, serving aboard the Skarbek

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Full Name Yiggtissi
Position Maquis Combat Medic
Species Saurian
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2363
Age 32
Birthplace Tykis’Kon Province, Lyaksti’kton (Alpha Sauria IV)


  • Height: 2.1 m (6.8 ft)
  • Build: Slim and slightly muscular.
  • Hair Colour: N/A
  • Length of Hair: N/A
  • Skin Tone: Tiny Hunter Green Scales with light gold patches
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Jagged scar from forehead to middle of nose

Personal History

Yiggtissi was born to a rather poor family in the Tykis’Kon Province on Lyaksti’kton. Right before his fifteenth celebration of birth, his parents were tragically killed while running medical supplies through the badlands for the Maquis as a Cardassian Galor Class vessel attacked their small ship. His three brothers were the only ones to survive the attack. They disappeared but he assumed they had died as well. This left Yiggtissi with an extreme distaste for the Cardassians.

Yiggtissi's uncle became his sole guardian and taught him the way of illegally distilling Saurian Brandy. His uncle made a very good living selling the illegal beverage and was finally able to send Yiggtissi off world, to study on Earth.

Yiggtissi went to Earth and attended Vanderbilt University, concentrating his studies on general medicine. After graduating, he moved north to Edison, New Jersey where he worked for a short time in a small medical clinic. During a simple vacation on Risa, Yiggtissi was reunited with his lost brothers. They convinced him to help the Maquis and avenge their parents death. He accepted and vowed to gut every Cardassian he could.

It was a few days later when he met his friend, Genkos Sim. They would become inseparable and on many occasions, would rage into battle together. Genkos and Yiggtissi had formed a tradition as well. Before any attempt at a suicidal run, they would share a drink from Genkos' flask.

During the battle on Athos IV, Yiggtissi lost all three of his brothers. They were vaporized by disruptor fire from a Cardassian fighter. Yiggtissi's rage grew even deeper.

Genkos and Yiggtissi grew ever closer. Their collaboration on Genkos' new hover chair helped them form a bond that was equivalent to actual brothers.

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