Yellia Rasaf

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Yellia Rasaf

Yellia Rasaf, M.D., PhD. is a 42-year-old Argelian psychiatrist who writes an advice column for the Federation News Service.

Born on Argelia to a large family, Yellia learned early to keep the peace, you could do more with listening instead of just trying to fix things. After completing her medical degree, Dr. Rasaf has travelled to a number of Federation worlds, willing to qualify for another degree that would allow her to continue to practice her skills. Dr. Rasaf has multiple degrees in psychiatry, psychology, cultural xenopsychology, cultural xenoanthropology and is licensed to practice on all Federation member worlds.

Additional information

Dr. Rasaf is written for by Mandy, the writer for Raissa Moonsong. Send her your questions to be answered in the column!