Hrove Kyar Ychlan

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  • Full name: Hrove Kyar Ychlan
  • Age (date of birth): 25 (236007.17)
  • Species: Cygnian
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Eye color: Green
  • Height: 188 cm


  • Father: Thadlo Ychlan
  • Mother: Unkown
  • Siblings: Jalen Ychlan


  • 236007.17: Born four minutes before his twin brother Jalen. Their mother's name has not been entered on either of the birth certificates. Thadlo, the boys' father has never spoken about her, and has avoided any discussions about her to this day. Cygnus being a generally matriarchal society (although most of the sexist policies and culture has been removed from society so that both men and women are considered equal nowadays) this did cause some problems for the brothers growing up.
  • 236501.15: Instead of entering state education, Thadlo Ychlan home-educates his children. Thadlo, a free-lance scientist working variously for the Cygnian government and the large corporations on the planet, often moves around the planet (and sometimes off it) his children moving with him, never settling for long in one place and being raised by a series of nannies and/or bodyguards, depending on the nature of Thadlo's current contract. Despite this, neither of the children feel that they have missed out on normal socialising, although both can be a little naive about how society and relationships work. As a result of this upbringing both brothers are extremely close, having enjoyed a somewhat adventurous lifestyle.
  • 237607.17: On his 16th birthday, Hrove's heart is broken by an older woman. This causes a certain wariness in his romantic relationships with woman (probably compounded by subconscious issues with mother abandonment - Hrove doesn't hold much truck with that theory though!).
  • 237808.10: Jalen follows in his father's footsteps, entering the world of high-profit super-science. Hrove rebels somewhat from this lifestyle, having never been as academically gifted as either his father or brother, and decides to make a career out of his first passion - flight! Trains as a pilot and then spends the next couple of years exploring the local star-systems primarily by himself but with various partners-in-crime along the way, returning to Cygnus at times to aid his family, but generally, trying to maintain the adventurous and travelling life he has grownaccustomed to.
  • 2380...: Has his heart broken a second time and decides to enter Starfleet almost out of grief, but also as a structured way to continue his flying career, taking it to new heights (pun intended) by piloting massive starships instead of the small shuttle he was used to.
  • 238501.30: Graduates Starfleet Acadamy as Ensign
  • 238501.30: Assigned to USS Challenger as Helmsman