Yanell Delwyn

Yanell Delwyn
Crew of USS Discovery-C


  • Age: 29
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 235812.27
  • Place of Birth: Dekoa, Betazed
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Race: Betazoid
  • Telepathic status: T4/E4


  • Height: 1.94 m
  • Weight: 92 kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair: Mid-back (up to around 60 cm)
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Skin Tone: Light
  • Build: Lithe
  • Handedness: Left Handed, but slightly ambidextrous

Current Assignments

  • Ship: USS Discovery-C
  • Position: Physician (238810.20 - present)
  • Rank: Ensign

Ensign Yanell Delwyn, a Betazoid, is currently assigned as physician to the USS Discovery-C.


  • Quarters: Lots of photos of family and friends, paintings of people he reveres (the Betazoid equivalent of Zefran Cochrane, Jonathan Archer and Porthos, among others), there is also more than average assortment of various plants
  • Favorite Room: Arboretum
  • Habits: Getting absorbed in certain tasks and forgetting his surroundings
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Atheist
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Archery and horseback riding on the holodeck
  • Favorite Drink: Iced Jestral Tea
  • Favorite Food: He has developed a taste for dishes with cheese and mushrooms
  • Ambitions and Goals: Chief Science Officer, ranked Commander
  • Temperament: Usually calm and quiet, almost unemotional, but if the right buttons are pressed often enough, he can get downright vicious at times
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): PTSD, due to events during Betazed's occupation and liberation.


  • Spouse: Kincade, Fabian (2361 - present), in relationship since 238808.08.
  • Children: None.

Maternal Side

  • Mother: Delwyn, Maeko † (2330 - 2375)

Maternal Grandparents

  • Grandmother: Delwyn, Beatrix † (2301 - 2375)
  • Grandfather: Delwyn, Tal † (2303 - 2375)

Paternal Side

  • Father: Delwyn, Gyan † (2332 - 2375), née Suda, Gyan

Paternal Grandparents

  • Grandmother: Suda, Laveta † (2292 - 2357)
  • Grandfather: Suda, Von † (2297 - 2375)


  • Sister: Delwyn, Dasha † (2356 - 2375)


  • Uncle: Jayle, Raitan (2325 - present), née Delwyn, Raitan

Spouses of Aunts/Uncles

  • Raitan: Jayle, Elisabeth (2322 - present)
Parents of Spouses of Aunts/Uncles
  • Elisabeth
    • Mother: Jayle, Novia † (2294 - 2367)
    • Father: Jayle, Herschel (2299 - present)

First Cousins

  • Elisabeth/Raitan:
    • Jayle, Robert (2345 - present)
    • Jayle, Samantha (2354 - present)
    • Jayle, Liam (2361 - present)

Siblings of Spouses of Aunts/Uncles

  • Elisabeth: Jayle, Victoria † (2324 - 2367)

Important Events

  • 2357: Laveta Sudo dies on Route back from Earth, when an accidental explosion on her transport causes a hull breach and she is blown into space
  • 2367: Captain Novia Jayle and Commander Victoria Jayle die in the Battle of Wolf 359, when their respective ships are destroyed by the Borg
  • 2375: Beatrix, Tal, Von, Maeko, Gyan, and Dasha die during the telepathic assault on the Jem'Hadar


  • Best Friend
    • Dral, Idan: A joined Trill. He holds the Starfleet Rank of Commander and is Chief Medical OFficer on board the Federation ship USS Aether. The symbiont, Dral, was born at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The host is in his earlier forties. Idan Dral became Delwyn's mentor during the Occupation of Betazed, where he served as leader of a Dekoa resistance cell.
  • Roommate at Starfleet Academy
    • Masters, Conner: Delwyn shared quarters with Conner for the majority of the time at his academy. Conner left the Academy after graduation, while Delwyn stayed on for command training. They haven't seen each other since graduation.

Brief Biography

Yanell was born in Dekoa, Betazed in 2358, son of Maeko and Gyan Delwyn. Yanell had often shown a keen interest and curiosity in the world around him. He was able to skip two grades, due two his high intelligence. His sister was quite upset with this fearing he might even get ahead of her. His sister's talent on the other hand had always been to make a mountain out of a molehill, and argue all day long. Once Yanell's telepathy emerged, leaving the room wasn't even enough anymore.

Yanell was quite relieved and proud, when he was admitted to the University of Betazed in 2373, a few months before his 15th birthday. Unfortunately, the next year the Dominion managed to occupy Betazed. Despite his parent's protests, he decided to join the liberation movement shortly after. Sarcastically, he remarked that he would not forgive the Dominion for interrupting his studies. Though, naturally he was not given any dangerous work.

Idan Dral, a trill and Starfleet medical officer, who was trapped on Betazed like the rest, was the leader of the local resistance cell. Since actual missions were seemingly out of the question, Idan taught Yenell his medical knowledge. Until the liberation of Betazed, Yanell serves as “acting nurse”, as Idan called it. He also acted as his personal messenger, since telepathy was one of the few means to coordinate the resistance.

During the telepathic assault on the Jem'Hadar, Yanell was unable to assist, since he did not possess the telepathic strength of a fully mature Betazoid. The rest of his family, however, chose to join the assault. Everyone knew the consequences, when they voluntarily joined the assault. Like many Betazoid, a part of Yanell died that day. After the successful liberation Idan took Yanell to Earth, where he would live with his uncle.

He was in therapy for several years. It wasn't until the psych test during the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, when he was finally able to work through it.

Personal History

  1. 2358: Born in Dekoa, Betazed.
  2. 2373: Admitted to the University of Betazed
  3. 2374: Trapped on Betazed during the Dominion's Occupation
  4. 2375: Loses most of his family during the Liberation of Betazed
  5. 2375: Leaves Betazed for Earth, after its liberation, to live with his Uncle's family in Geneva, Switzerland

Professional History

  1. 2380: Enrolls in Starfleet Academy
  2. 2384: Majors in Science and Navigation
  3. 2385: Starfleet Command Training
  4. 2387: Cadet Cruise
  5. 2388: Assigned to the USS Challenger-A as Science Officer
  6. 2388: Reassigned to the USS Discovery-B as Medical Officer
  7. 2388: Reassigned to the USS Discovery-C as Medical Officer
  8. 2388: Passes the exan and swears the physician's oath

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Cadet, 4th Class 238802.23 - 238803.06 Starfleet Academy,
San Fransisco,
Major: Science
Major: Navigation
  Cadet, 3rd Class
  Cadet, 2nd Class
  Cadet, 1st Class 238802.23 - 238803.06
238802.23 - 238803.06 Starfleet Academy,
Starbase 118
Starfleet Command Training
238802.23 - 238803.06 Cadet Cruise Practical Training
  Ensign 238803.07 - 238808.08 USS Challenger-A Science Officer
  Ensign 238808.08 - 238810.20 USS Discovery-B Medical Officer

  Ensign 238810.20 - present USS Discovery-C Physician