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Crew of the USS Artemis-A


Petty Officer Third Class Xandeus Filistrien

Xandeus Filistrien is a Signals Analyst with Starfleet Intelligence, stationed on the USS Artemis-A.


  • Height: 1.76 m (5'8")
  • Hair: Light Brown, Short and Styled
  • Eyes: Greyish Blue
  • Build: Gangly - Turn about and stick out his tongue, you might mistake him for a zipper in space.
  • Posture: Relaxed, but always with a straightened back and an observant air about him.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Relaxed, but formal. He's a fan of pullovers and turtlenecks, along with casual dress pants.
  • Voice: Bright and young, seemingly always with a smile concealed in the way his voice carries.
  • Handedness: Right-handed.


ESTJ-A / The Leader
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Dedicated
  • Strong-willed
  • Direct and Honest
  • Loyal, Patient and Reliable
  • Organized
  • Inflexible
  • Stubborn
  • Judgmental
  • Too Focused on Social Status
  • Difficulty Expressing Emotions


On Ramatis

Xandeus grew up as a ‘prodigy’ in various subjects, seemingly excelling at multiple fields of academia without much effort, and as such, he was always expected to do great things. Between his sister Tilminé’s position as future Royal Aide and Xandeus’ academical records, the Filistrien family was often considered quite blessed in terms of their children’s prospects. The resulting spotlight on the two older siblings led to a rift between particularly Xandeus and the youngest child, Hecaies, who felt overshadowed by his older siblings' accomplishments.

Xandeus too bought into his own hype and figured great things were in store for him, but as he got older, the gap between him and his peers narrowed, and eventually, he was faced with the terrifying possibility that he was, in fact, just like everyone else. In an attempt to prove reality wrong, Xandeus set his sights on a glorious career in Starfleet. It didn’t work out that way...
After three failed attempts at the Academy's Entrance Exam, and a fight with depression brought on by an overwhelming sense of inadequacy, Xandeus opted to go the ‘rough-and-tumble’ way about the future. He enlisted as a menial crewman, and is determined to claw his way up by any means necessary. Preferably without a fourth Exam attempt.

His Early Career in Starfleet

Xandeus' first posting was a Communications Operator on the medical ship, the USS Braveheart, where him and an entire Communications-team was responsible for coordinating relief and evacuation efforts whenever the Ship attended a planet-based emergency. The work was busy and had real merit, and Xandeus was good at it. He worked at it tirelessly, sometimes a bit overzealous, but his supervisors were the first to admit that he was doing good work. After close to a year aboard the Braveheart, a transfer order was put out for experienced communications staff to bolster the crew aboard the experimental vessel, the USS John Paul Jones, where Starfleet was testing out a new type of communications array. Xandeus was on the shortlist for the transfer staff, and since then, he's been part of the JPJ's crew. He started out in much the same position as he was in before, proving his worth and his capabilities to his new superiors, and eventually, an exciting new opportunity presented itself.

The resident Chief of Intelligence saw Xandeus' zeal and ability to combine improvisation and tried-and-tested techniques as a valuable tool for an Analyst, and had the young man pegged for Intelligence training. Xandeus took to it like a fish to water, and within a year, he'd earned his division transfer and his first step onto the ranks of Petty Officer. He spent more than a year as part of the Intelligence outfit aboard the JPJ, until word reached them that the USS Excalibur was being retired, and a new ship - the Artemis - was being deployed in her stead under a new Captain. In the spirit of cooperation and bolstering the Federation's presence in the Borderlands, the JPJ drafted together a list of plausible transfers to the new Vessel, and wouldn't you know, Xandeus was on the list...



Torias & Meridre
Proud and overbearing parents
Xandeus' parents care for him and his siblings a great deal, but they haven't always been very good at showing this in a way that wasn't explicitly tied to their accomplishment. As a result, Xandeus now avoids talking with them, as they seem incapable of understanding why their praises makes him uncomfortable.
Pride of the Filistriens
Xandeus' younger sister Tilminé is the middle child of the Filistriens, and the first of their family line to display the affinity for telepathic communication that Ramatisians hold so dear. As she's been raised in the Royal Palace alongside the 3rd Princess since she was 4 years old, Xandeus and her do not have much of a relationship at all, save the immense pride Xandeus feels that someone of his blood will eventually become part of a Royal's Chorus.
Distant brother
Xandeus and Hecaies did grow up together, but rather than their relationship blossoming thanks to that fact, Hecaies instead aimed all of his resentment from being the 'ordinary' sibling at Xandeus. Their personalities are truly not that much at odds, but childhood habits die hard, and the two seldom talk at all.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Recruit 2395-239607.30 Starfleet Academy
Crewman Second Class 239608.02-2397 USS Braveheart
Communications Operator
Crewman First Class 2397-2399 USS John Paul Jones
Communications Specialist
Petty Officer Third Class 2399-240009.22 USS John Paul Jones
Signals Analyst
Petty Officer Third Class 240009.22-Present USS Artemis-A
Signals Analyst

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