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Ellen Betty Wyatt is a civilian currently residing on Starbase 118.


  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Civilian
  • Current Vessel: Starbase 118
  • Date Assigned: 2387.03.16
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 2107.08.27
  • Place of Birth: Baltimore City, JHU Hospital, USA, UEG, Sol System


  • Hair Color: Black with gray
  • Eye Color: brown
  • Height: 166 cm

Family History

  • Mother: Gloria Estella Wyatt, deceased
  • Father: Edward Boyce Wyatt, deceased
  • Siblings: Eric Evens Wyatt, deceased Estella Carrol Wyatt, unknown, assumed deceased
  • Spouse: NA
  • Children: NA

Personal History

  • Born 2107.08.27,
  • Graduated Bel Air High School, Harford County Maryland, USA, Earth, 2115.
  • Graduated Harford Community College, Harford County, Maryland, USA, Earth, AA degree Business Data Processing, 2125.
  • Graduated BS degree, West Liberty State College, West Liberty, West Virgina, USA 2129.
  • Inducted Delta Mu Delta, 2129, with predated induction of 2126, West Liberty State College Chapter.
  • Issued Sol Alliance small starship master's license 2138.
  • Graduated Star Fleet Reserves OCS school 2159.

Professional History

  • Common labor, 2115 - 2124.
  • USAF enlisted 2126. Honorable discharge. Psychologically unfit for duty.
  • Hired under Veterans Disability Preference Program, Social Security Administration, USA, Earth 2130.
  • Retired on disability because of PTSD, 2138. Used discharge return of retirement funds to buy Vulcan custom built twin warp core, twin passenger starship 2138.
  • Ship disabled during Romulan Attack upon Earth 2159. Recalled to active duty by USAF.
  • Requested transfered to Star Fleet Reserves 2159. Assigned by Star Fleet Command to settle dispute of design of new scout vessel to be built for Star Fleet Command to Celestial City Council, Sol System, 2159.
  • Reprimanded for suggesting own starship design to settle dispute. Unauthorized design built by Celestial City 2159. Unauthorized design accepted by Star Fleet Academy Science Division, 2159.
  • Promoted to Brevet Lieutenant and offered command of NX-13 ASHERAH 2159
    • Command of NX-13 ASHERAH accepted 2159.
  • NX-13 ASHERAH damage during Second Battle for Archer's World, 2160. NX-13 damaged during combat protecting Belt World.
  • Lieutenant Wyatt received near fatal electrical burns during combat with Betazoid vessel damaged by sub space distortion mistaken for hostile act.
  • Member of Betazoid crew, with soon to be fatal head injury, offered her body for transplant. First cross race body transplant between member of Betazoid and Human race. Removed from command NX-13 ASHERAH after full body transplant because of DNA changes to brain to replace Human Male DNA to Betazoid Female DNA.
  • Shared quarters with Betazoid Ambassador during return voyage to Earth. Betazoid Ambassador intervened during court marshal proceeding against Lieutenant Wyatt over damage to NX-13 A ASHERAH during encounter with Klingon D-6 Battle Cruiser.
  • NX-13 A ASHERAH listed as scrapped because of design flaw.
  • Lieutenant Wyatt suggested use of two damaged NX class starships, assembled into one large enough vessel to quickly provide Betazoid Ambassador Wanzana Zalie transport to Belt World and Orion Four to rescue stranded Betazoid crews.
  • NX-13 B ASHERAH assigned to Star Fleet Academy new location, San Francisco.
  • NX-13 B ASHERAH staffed in part with members of first graduating class from Star Fleet Academy San Francisco 2161.
  • NX-13 B ASHERAH provided with first and second generation Vulcan shield systems to aid in diplomatic mission of the starship. After completion of rescue mission,
  • NX-13 B ASHERAH reassigned to Task Force Twelve guarding Archer's World.
  • Task Force Twelve reported lost during deep space strike of Romulan Space 2162.
  • NX-13 A ASHERAH detected by NCC-1701 Enterprise after leaving rift in time and space 2151.
  • NX-13 A ASHERAH ordered scraped 2151.
  • Lieutenant Wyatt demoted to Ensign 2151 and assigned Planetia Utopia. Provides aid to Lieutenant Commander Mallard assembling NX-13 B from remains of Star Fleet vessels damaged in Sector 12 by unknown attacker.
  • After death of Commander Mallard during encounter with unknown attacker, Ensign Wyatt killed two Star Fleet cadets involved in mutiny over Ensign Wyatt decision to take command of NX-13 B ASHERAH.
  • Ensign Wyatt cleared of charge of wrongful death 2152.
  • Promoted Lieutenant J.G. 2157.
  • Promoted Lieutenant 2162.
  • Promoted Lieutenant Commander 2167.
  • Transfered from training bridge to command bridge 2167.
  • During encounter with Klingon Forces invading Archer Four, NX-13 B ASHERAH badly damaged.
  • Given field promotion to Commander. Used NX-13 B ASHERAH impulse engines as bomb to destroy remaining Klingon ground attack vessels.
  • Supervised design of NX-13 C from parts salvaged from other Star Fleet vessel at Planetia Utopia.
  • Reassigned desk duty because of PTSD. Resigned Star Fleet Commission. Used personal funds to buy S.S. Diana. Vessel returned to Vulcan for refit.
  • S.S. Diana found adrift near SB 118 2387.
  • Body of Ship's Master Ellen Wyatt found in full body scanner converted into status pod.
  • Vessel damaged by unknown attacker.
  • Revived SB 118 Medical Center.
  • Awaiting Federation review of Small Ship Master's License.
    • S.S. Diana space worthiness certificate in question.
  • S.S. Diana being held pending review.
  • Legal question submitted to JAG office SB 118.
  • Does Ellen Wyatt fall under Stop Loss issued by Federation Council after Wolf 359, that was extended during Dominion War?


Unauthorised novelization of history of the NX-13, NX-13 A, NX-13 B, NX-13 C.

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Silver.png Ensign 238703.14 - Present Starbase 118 Civilian

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