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To construct a writer ID number, you need the following information for the player:

  • First letter of first ship/base name
    • StarBase 118 Ops uses "O" as the prefix character.
    • Duronis II Embassy uses "E" as the prefix character.
  • Year of start (in format of stardate)
  • Month of start (two digits)
  • First initial of character first name
  • First initial of last name (or 1, if character only has one name)
  • Academy list number (one digit)
    • If there are two players with the same initials in an Academy class, replace this number with the digit 9 for the player whose application was accepted later.
    • Prior to 2021, all players had a 0 in this last position unless their writer ID conflicted with another player, in which case the number was incremented to 1.


Combine the elements as follows:

Placement Year Month Name Academy list
USS Atlantis 2021 (2398) August (08) Jean-Luc Picard Academy 3
A 2398 08 JP 3