Wreaths of Holly (Challenger)

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After returning to DS24 on the USS Churchill, the former crew of the destroyed Challenger began shore leave on Shinraka, after a touching memorial ceremony for those who did not return from the Neven system.

While celebrating the promotions of Ensigns Sam Watson, Turc Brakur, Ternok, Ivan Petrov and Brenna Parker to Lieutenant (jg) at Boles Beach on Shinkara, Lt. Commander Ashley Boles-Barnes discovered the body of a young girl slain on the beach. The party broke up to search for clues to her killer as the Shinrakan authorities arrived to take over the scene.

The following day, explosions shook the University of Shinraka, killing a number of students. Their cause and reason is still undetermined, and even more curiously, none of the surviving students have fled the campus....