Worms Through a Hole (Constitution)

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StarBase 118 scientists discovered a wormhole an anamoly nearby. The Constitution was sent to investigate. Hebron ordered the launching of the Glory and the Independence to check the anamoly at close hand. The anamoly formed a worm hole and the two shuttles were pulled inside. While inside, they discovered that the other end of the wormhole was stable and fixed. It led to the omega sector of space. They encountered a vessel and its crew was insectoid. Hostilities came from first contact. The Glory escaped back through the wormhole to war the Constitution. The insectoid ship sent a shuttle after the Glory. When it came through, the Constitution seized it and held its crew prisoner. After speaking with the crew of the insectoid pod, it was found out that the crew was peace-loving. The crew of the Independence were brought a board the alien craft and made welcome.

Captain Hebron ordered the entrance to the wormhole in Federation space to be mined. It is now stable as well. Hebron is planning on taking the Constitution into the wormhole to retrieve his officers in an exchange with the alien race.