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    • Panam Gray (wife)
      • Sara Panam Gray (daughter)

Petty Officer Wister Gray is a Human Royal Navy medical officer. He is currently on secondment to Starfleet Medical, and posted to Amity Outpost.


Wister has short and wispy brown hair and gentle blue eyes. He is frustratingly tall -- not so much in that he's above-average in height for a Human, but only in that he finds himself constantly working with shorter people. While operating in Starfleet, Wister wears a Starfleet medical uniform and rank insignia denoting Petty Officer Second Class, effectively matching his AeroNav rank.


Known for being methodically kind, Wister has endless patience. His current circumstances place him in the perfect position to learn, and he willingly engages in new information.

He often feels too empathetic for his colleagues when they're caught in their own struggles, and his sympathetic nature has occasionally gotten him into hot water. In an effort to remain endlessly friendly and professional for his peers, he tends to shield his insecurities with vague humour—upon first meeting him, Ambassador Rivi Vataix sees Wister's avoiding the nature of her question about his expectations for serving on Amity Outpost as a guard to be pierced through.

A navy man, Wister is a competent sailor who enjoys his time out on the water. He finds he struggles to acclimatize to the stillness of space.


Wister Dainan Gray was born in Cairns, Australia on stardate 236501.01.

At age 20, Wister joins the Australian department of Earth police. He serves for five years.

He marries Panam 239704.04.

His daughter, Sara Panam, is born 239905.28.

Wister is posted to HMS Coldone for five years, where he serves in a dual role as the ship's coxswain and medic. In 2399, the Royal Navy retire the vessel, and its crew is placed on land postings until a new vessel bearing the Coldone name is commissioned. Wister is offered a secondment to Starfleet Medical for the duration of this period. However, he and Panam bicker about Wister taking a posting with Starfleet, with the potential to end up far from Earth—Panam prefers the immediate accessibility of their family, and Wister being assigned off-planet jeaprodises this. They eventually agree that Wister should take the opportunity, but Panam and baby Sara remain home.

Assured by administration that his posting with Starfleet was "basically the Navy but in space", Wister was sent to Amity Outpost, located in the Delta Quadrant far from Earth. He arrives on his birthday. Bewildered by the large space station, especially as this is his first time in space, Wister meets Scotty Reade, who directs him to the commander of Amity Outpost, Ambassador Rivi Vataix. Wister later introduces himself to his department head, Ikaia Wong, and the outpost's executive officer Wil Ukinix.

Amity Outpost plays host to Hirogen delegates invited by Vataix. Wong gives Wish xenobiological data on the Hirogen, and while he appreciates the run-down, he queries the CMO about his tense feelings about the situation. Wong explains two Amity officers lost their lives to the Hirogen a year prior. The medical team follow through with a display of holographic advancements for the Hirogen. It's then announced the Starfleet contingent of Amity would partake in a series of joint exercises in mixed teams against each other and the Hirogen—which Wish had significant reservations about.

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Chief of Mission
Rivi Vataix
Chief of Staff
Keehani Ukinix
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Dep Chief of Mission
Vaje Kizat
Civilian Scientist
Samantha Richards
Chief Medical Ofc.
Jansen Orrey
Chief of Operations
Nathan Richards
Asst. Chief of Ops
Scotty Reade
Operations Officer
Vailani Zoyara
Engineering Officer
Charlena Vanlith
First Officer
Wil Ukinix
Harrison Blackwood
Chief Sci Ofc. & 2O
Robin Hopper
Jr Science Officer
Niev Galanis
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Medical Student
Ikaia Wong
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Rebecca Iko
Sec/Tactical Ofc.
Kaito Moore
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Sec/Tactical Ofc.
Torvi Ylvor
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