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William Tindall


Lieutenant William "Willie" Tindall is currently unassigned.




Willie follows the Tindall family tradition of pranks on certain holidays. Willie loves history, and he worked on his fanily tree with his father, finding various family members in various miltary services from all over the previous century. Most served in the navy, but the odd few served in the army.

Willie is loyal in a crisis but can sometimes clash with authority due to his love of pranks or minor breaches of the regulations.


  • Marital Status: Married to Tess Tindall
  • Siblings: 8 brothers & sisters

Personal History

Willie is a Starfleet brat. He was born on the USS Authority and is the youngest of triplets: Laskmi, Patrick and Willie. When his father was transferred to the Bruian Outpost, the fanmily settled into a large house called 'Bren Eurst'. His siblings came in a set of twins and quadruplets. The 'Tindall Tribe' have all followed their parents into Starfleet.

Willie's father worked in Security, and his mother is a doctor. Willie had a rich cutural upbringing. His Klingon godmother made all the children members of the Chennah household, and Sita, Willie's mother, taught the children about her Indian background. Willie finally moved to Earth to complete his final year in high school. During his time at the Academy, Willie majored in Security with a minor in Tactial.


Military History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Cadet 1st Class 238308.10 - 238708.19 Graduated Starbase 118 Academy Security Officer
  Ensign 238708.19 - 238712.16 USS Ronin Security Officer
  Lieutenant (JG) 238712.16 - 238802.25
238802.25 - 238802.25 USS Thunder/Duronis II Embassy
238902.11 - 238904.11 K9/SAR Officer
  Lieutenant 238904.11-238911.05
238911.05-238912.14 Chief of Security
  Ensign* 238912.14 - 239007.18 Security Officer
  Lieutenant 239007.18 - 239105.18 Chief of Security

*Demotion is for in character story line only.


2010 Awards

Award Name Mission
  Ithassa Region Campaign Operation Bright Star
  The Xalor Clan Xifilis N/A

2011 Awards

Award Name Mission
  Bajoran Campaign Battle for Bajor
  Good Conduct Laudean Prime Minister Election
  The Genesis Badge N/A

2012 Awards

Award Name Mission
  The Purple Heart Lost and Found
  The Genesis Badge 2012 Award Ceremony