William Haase/The Effects of Warp Fields in a Subspace Environment

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"'Inconclusive, yet undeniably undetermined.' This is the only way that you can truly describe the effects of Warp Fields in Subspace. During my studies, I have read of others who conducted similar tests, attempting to prove that the standard Warp Field degrades subspace, eventually causing tears, ruptures, etc. I have come to conclude that these tests cannot be either proved, nor disproved. As space is constantly growing and evolving, so is the subspace within it. And to the horror of many intellects and philosophers, I cannot say as to whether warp travel is an asset, or a disaster waiting to happen. But what I have come to discuss are the pros and cons of the field. The effects that have been proven to occur. The results, that are, undeniably, certain to exist."

~ Introduction to Adam William Haase's "The Effects of Warp Fields in a Subspace Environment"