Wherefore Art Thou? (Wallace)

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Mission Dated: 238204.11

Source: Monthly Ship Summaries, April 2005
CO: Commander Kare'en

The Wallace is still investigating and trying to locate the whereabouts of the ship in distress, the P'Kothla.

Upon moving closer, the crew has unraveled a nebula and a plasma trail that could very well heighten the tension baking among them.

Suggestions were made that perhaps tracking the plasma trail with a shuttle would suffice, but Commander Kare'en decided that the USS Wallace was the best fit for something of that nature. Time being of the essence, they didn't have time to fidget manufacturing and contorting an existing shuttle to handle the maim leading to the nebula.

It was decided that the ship be placed under Yellow Alert (standing ready for anything, continuing onward with their voyage) as the bridge crew geared closer to the P'kothla and quite possibly a hunter in the Grendellai.

Meanwhile, a psionic presence has made itself known in attacking a very pregnant First Officer, Alana Devar, and a young Ensign Science Officer, Joran Tavex. In the Chief Medical Officer's absence, Lieutenant JG Riley is doing the best she can in accommodating the side affects of the highly elevated electric energies in their bodies, fearing that there might be a commonality in the two cases. The origin of these strange conditions is yet to be revealed.