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USS Constitution
Yana Wescott.jpg
Yana Wescott
Position Com/Ops Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Half-Human, Mixed Orion/Denobulan
Gender Female
DOB 235801.01
Age 43
Birthplace Dytallix C Mining Enterprise
Ensign Yana Wescott is currently assigned to the USS Constitution-B in the Communications and Operations Division.


  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 104lbs
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Build: Toned and slender
Appearance: On first glance, and even second glance, Yana appears human, toned and slender with long black hair, likely from her Orion side. She is generally slender and toned from constant exercise and running. Her chin is slightly more pointed then most humans from her Denobulan side. Her facial ridges and a slight forehead crease are usually only apparent when she grows frustrated or furrows her brow, when they are not covered by her hair. Her eyes appear human and will change from a dark brown to hazel with her mood. Yana is generally kind of pale and tries to avoid too much sun exposure since her skin will start to 'green' instead of just tanning.


Personality: Yana keeps a calm and calculating appearance for the most part, but her carousing nature from her Orion side will come out off duty or with alcohol. Due to the mixing of Denobulan in her, she can be energetic, generally only requiring two hours of sleep. If she doesn't get enough exercise through the day she can get a little hyper and think outloud.
Likes and Hobbies: Languages (Qualified in Romulan, Denobula'an and Orion. She can speak but not read or write in Andorian, Vulcan, Bajoran and Ktarian), Pre-Eugenics War Music, Running, Kempo, Darts, Throwing Knives
Dislikes and Challenges: Sitting in place for too long, transporters, loss of accountability
Highlights of her Life:
    * Getting off of Dytallix C
    * Completing Boot Camp
    * Being recommended for Star Fleet Academy
    * Not losing her mind at Star Fleet Academy being one of the older cadets with enlisted experience
    * While proud of being a Marine and doing well, in hindsight she wished she waited enlisted directly into Star Fleet
Quirk: While not afraid to be transported, she instinctually will brace herself incase she materialized above the ground again after more than one incident


  • Yolen Wescott (Human/Denobulan)Deceased

Former smuggler told miner

  • Jane Doe Wescott (Human/Orion)Deceased

Rescued Orion slave turned miner

Early Background

Yana grew up on a small rock that didn't have a formal name and was barely habitable. It was a mining enterprise called Dytallix C and owned by the Dytallix mining company. The enterprise consisted of about 50 families of various species and most facilities were underground. Yana's father was a smuggler who lost his ship and settled down to be a miner, where he met Yana's mother, a rescued Orion slave who never quite adapted to Federation society and joined the mining enterprise to avoid large crowds. What she remembered most about her parents was that they fought a lot. Later she would learn it likely had to do with the mixing of Denobulan and Orion pheromones. The company provided living quarters, school, medical and supplies. They had all they needed but it was spartan. Yana had two younger brothers who died when mutated flu struck the colony. About one third of the population died before help could arrive, to include her mother. Yana was impressed with Star Fleet when they arrived, something different than Dytallix she had known her whole life. Yana's father continued to raise her through high school where she was a mediocre student. She spent a lot of time with her friends and picked up a lot of the cultural mannerisms, practices and basics of their languages. At 18, a Star Fleet Marine Corps recruiter came and she signed up immediately. He enlistment was initially on hold for evaluation of her pheromones, which were determined to be too low to affect morale. Two years after she completed Boot Camp, her father passed away. One year after that, Dytallix C was deemed a dry hole and closed, not that she ever planned on going back.

Star Fleet Record

  • 2376 Marine Boot Camp. Infantry.
  • 2376 Assigned to MARDET the USS Kyoto.
  • 2378 Promoted to Lance Corporal and noted by her platoon leader for her ability to diffuse situations.
  • 2379 Promoted to Corporal.
  • 2379 Assigned to MARDET USS Toliver.
  • 2380 Promoted to Sergeant and awarded an accommodation for her action against Orion Raiders after her squad leader was KIA.
  • 2382 Volunteered for Diplomatic Corps Security Division duty.
  • 2382 Graduated from Diplomatic Corps Security Division Detachment school.
  • 2383 Assigned Marine Security Detachment to DS 3.
  • 2386 CO and Ambassador endorse her application to Star Fleet Academy after displaying a pattern to diffuse situations without resorting to force.
  • 2386 Attended Star Fleet Academy Prep School
  • 2391 Graduated Star Fleet Academy
  • 2391 Assigned to USS Constitution-B as a Communications and Operations Officer

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 239110-13-Present USS Constitution Com/Ops

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons