Wedded Bliss (Ronin)

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Ronin Mission Archive
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2388 - The Lost Year Where the Eagles Dare · Suns of Anarchy
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2384 - 2385: In the Year of Our Mar Bounty Hunter · Point of Divergence · Wedded Bliss · Test Run · The Sya-Negan · The Sya-Negan, part II · Cardassians in Wait · The Origins of War · True Intentions · Stranded · Desert Dangers · Destination: Mars · The Case of the Missing Bride
2379 - 2383: The Years of the Unknown The Phoenix Doesn't Rise · Black Gate · Eye of the Sun
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Stardate 238405.01

After a rough encounter with an alternate reality, the crew of the Ronin settled into the spacious confines of Deep Space 17 while their ship was finishing refits. A joint leave was had with the crew of the Triumphant, with one of their crew getting married, much to the delight of all.

With her refit nearing completion, the ship is welcoming aboard it’s fighter wing and 3 pairs of prototype fighters for field testing. Each has its own quirks that need to be worked out. A test range has been decided on, a rocky system designated 7AE38, that has a single M-class world that supports an industrial-age sentient species. The ship plans to use the asteroid field for its test runs of the fighters, choosing the actual location of the tests based on where the M-class world is in its orbit so as to put the maximum distance and the system’s star in between them. With a little planning and luck, the inhabitants of the world will not see a thing.