Wanda DyAmone

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Wanda DyAmone
Wanda DyAmone.jpg

Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Atlantis
Character Type PNPC
Biographical Information
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Junor Grade
Race: Terran
Gender: Female
Physical Description
Height: 4'9
Weight: 115
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Family Information
Father Gordon, Marine Mayor
Mother Rosemary, Marine Cpt
Sibling(s) None
Partner None
Child(ren) None
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg

The Explorer’s Ribbon
Awarded 239003.13/239105.08

Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg

Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon
Awarded 239006.21

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Ensign Wanda DyAmone, a Terran, is currently Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Atlantis. Wanda makes you think of a strutting cat. She has narrow green eyes. Her luxurious, straight, blonde hair is very short and is worn in a severe style. She is very short and has a feminine build. Her skin is light-colored. She has an elegant nose and thin eyebrows.


  • Full Name: Wanda Mirelle DyAmone III
  • Nickname(s) : Dy, Elle, Thumb, Thumbelina, Pickle
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 236205.14
  • Place of Birth: Lorient, France
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Height: 4’9’’
  • Weight: 115
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None
  • Build: feminine and slight
  • Face: Long
  • Eyes: Narrow
  • Mouth: Narrow
  • Arms: Thin
  • Legs: Gentle
  • Carriage: Walks slowly and purposefully observe people and surroundings
  • Poses: Since Wanda was modelling for several years, she tends to stand straight with legs in a crossed position and hands slightly stretched out
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Tasty, elegant and in many instances high fashion. During her study Wanda was modeling and carrying revue of Haute Couture; most of her most favorite clothes are pieces that were rejected by the customers who ordered them but found them not as good as imagined.
  • Shoes: She loves boots; for official uniform she will choose soft boots, except for away missions in moist areas when will take standard ones. Off duty Wanda will prefer short linen boots with pants and high ones with shirts, skirts and dresses
  • Voice: Soft, high pitched, somewhat childish, but still not screechy
  • Handedness: Left Handed



Wanda rarely spend much time in her quarters, so they are for her a place to change and to rest. They are clean and always in perfect order, those few things she must have are always in the same place

  • Living Room: On the table, there’s always a selection of citrus fruits from all around the Federation space; due to their hydrating characteristics and variability in tastes and colors she kept them as much as fruits as decoration
Citruses, how Wanda most often arrange them on the table
  • Utrasonic Colour-changing Diffuser stands on her coffee table in the living room. This diffuser features a colour-changing night lamp. The light can be turned off, set on one colour or set to change colours. There is also a high, medium and low mist setting. Unlike conventional essential oil burners and heaters, this diffuser uses ultrasonic technology which converts the oil and water under high frequency vibration into a fine cold mist. This mist is then diffused throughout the entire room creating a natural spa-like atmosphere.
Utrasonic Colour-changing Diffuser
  • Blanky: Wanda has her favorite blanket; she is calling it Blanky, though it was not really, really the blanky. But it was *her* blanky. It was a blanket made of the materials that provided body to breathe and if used to cover with the silky cooling side to keep body ventilated in warm conditions or if used by covering from warm fur side to get body warm in colder conditions. Her father bought it for her in attempt to get her to go camping with him. She loved the blanky, but never went camping with him. It was originally khaki green and Wanda didn't like it so she was seeking a way to paint it while keeping the abilities of the blanket and when finally found the way, she changed the color to dark blue. After that it became blanky and she never separated from it again. Except blanky, Wanda has no sleeping attire, always sleeping naked. She started it to force her father to stop entering her room and yell waking her up, later because she got used to it.

  • Favorite Room: On the Atlantis she doesn’t have a favorite room.
  • Mannerisms: Wanda will never say "I don't know", closest to admitting it, is when she splay her hands.
  • Physical Limitations: She is small, short and gentle. Wanda will never admit she need a help until the moment it is the last resort, then she will still think before coming to ask.
  • Temperament: Always in the good mood, you will see her without her characteristic smile only when the situation is truly grim and if it's in her power, she will never get that far.
  • Habits: Because her parents didn't approve of showing weakness, when faced with a situation she can't control, Wanda will close into her thoughts and refuse to comment. If yelled at, even if she is not really guilty, Wanda will in most cases appear guilty, because in her childhood it was always causing more yelling and fears and further escalation.

She is cuddly; to her patients she will always give all her heart, hug them, pinch their cheek, pet their hair, even kiss them if she think it will help them feel more comfortable, feel better.

  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Not really


Born to Marine officers, Wanda was always forced to follow a plan and orders. If not it incited lot of yelling what made her cry and again incite even more yelling. With time she learned to listen without listening and take everything with a dose of humor. She is quiet listener always maybe even over-analyzing everything happening around her before she will react toward or against anything.

Wanda can act fast, having fiery nature at times, but then always choose to take a good night sleep or meditate before any possible confrontation. She fears being questioned about anything, because she can get easily scared and when pushed will hardly keep strong.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Collecting:
    • Clothes: She will never admit it, but her love for clothes is what actually lead her into modelling and off-duty you will often see her in special pieces and unusual combinations of clothes such as one she wore during the crew gathering at Chamadar Falls.




Pants Tunic Boots

Likes and Dislikes

  • Beauty in all its instances - for her colorful is beautiful in everything except clothing
    • Beautiful nature: National parks, Colorful trees, Special flowers
    • Beautiful Cities: Architecture, well arranged parks, Buildings with something special and colorful
    • Houses and Quarters: Well arranged rooms or quarters

Tiger and Angel.jpg

Wanda's room.jpg

Wanda's favorite picture Wanda's room at home - bed is hidden in the upper section on the right

Wanda's glasses collection.jpg

Wanda's Tea Cup.jpg

Coffee cup.jpg

Wanda's plates.jpg

Wanda’s glasses collection - she keeps them at home in Lorient, but always program replicators she uses, when order drink to give it in replicated copy of one of those Coffee Cup, same as with glasses, replicator is programmed to serve her coffee in one like this Tea Cup, same as with glasses, replicator is programmed to serve her tea in one like this Plates and utensils Wanda always programs into replicator for food to be served in

Ambitions and Goals

Whole her childhood and bigger part of her youth her only goal in life was to be different from her parents. For that she chose nursing school, wanting to be in a trade which heals instead of killing. Her parents were tough and always wanted her to be tough and Wanda always rebelled against it and run from it. After she went to the humanitarian mission to the colony stricken by hurricane when their weather satellite got destroyed. There her friend got badly ill and while the team had enough nurses to treat everyone, they didn't have enough of highly trained doctors and medical scientists. It caused lot of deaths among badly ill and injured, both colonists and volunteers and that made Wanda decide she wants to be a doctor. Her decision to join Starfleet was abrupt, also was her choice to be an officer, but once she chose the path command became her aim.

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

When her parents decided to stop financing her education, after she chose the path they didn't expect her to take, she started modeling and was good and wanted for many fashion shows for several years. Being independent was something she was proud of and something her parents greeted as a sign that she is properly growing up.

Though they disapproved of Strafleet, her parents were proud of her graduating it and even showed great pride in it, asking her to send her Cadet uniform for their collection (her parents are keeping a collection of all uniforms they wore during their time in various Marine Divisions).


Wanda's family has a long streak of rebels and nonsense creators in their past. As a Family line Marousse they were famous owners of the small local factory. Once it was toy factory, then changed into the packing factory. With several members of the family becoming engineers, it changed into the electrical trains factory... and then came Wanda DyAmone The First. When she changed her name to show dismay of her Family, she made a rule that the only Wanda DyAmone can inherit the Family estate and the Family business. In every generation, first female child born in the Family has to be named Wanda DyAmone and carry on the name and the burden of being head of the family. Up to her time the family thinned and Wanda now has only two cousins from her father's sister, previous Wanda DyAmone. To her surprise, when she joined Starfleet they offered to run the estate and now, lastly the engineering laboratory for her.



  • Mother: Captain Rosemary DyAmone - Marine - Retired
  • Father: Mayor Gordon DyAmone - Marine - retired


Wanda is her parent's only child, though she has a big family with lot of cousins, but only two in the first line.

Her parents wanted to have another child after they retire. It even happened to her mother to get pregnant, but during last mission she went on, Rosemary got badly injured losing the unborn baby. Plan is to have a year for them and then seek the child to adopt.

Personal History

Wanda was born on the Family estate in Lorient, France. Her father demanded that from his wife, who reluctantly accepted it. As a child she lived aboard several Marine vessels and various colonies with her parents, always unhappy with the life in confines of the Marine compounds.

Worst part of her life was the time after the liberation of Betazed, which Wanda spent on the planet with several other children, mostly constantly closed in one of the family houses on the suburb of the capitol. There she lived in the house of the local High House Family Imsary and befriended their younger son Sayre Imsary. After they almost got bombed, her parents decided to send Wanda back to Earth and leave her to the care of the Family on the estate.

Wanda was rebellious, she didn't like the life she was living with her parents, but being without them hated even more and though she never told them that, she was causing lot of trouble, trying to make them change their life to accommodate her. As often, instead of talking to her and trying to find the solution to accommodate everyone, they decided to send her to boarding school and put under control. Obviously it didn't help and after a year when Wanda was expelled from boarding school they gave up and let her live her life as she wants.

Wanda chose nursing school and when finished it went with her childhood friend to the colony whose weather satellite got destroyed. Up to that moment she was bitter child, but she never realized that till the moment she saw there children without parents who had nowhere to go, nobody to take care of them and give them any love. People who lost everything in the hurricanes that hit the colony, lost loving ones, lost limbs and health... that was the moment Wanda realized how lucky, happy and full of love her life was. Her parents were maybe tough, but they were marines and they had to be tough and in a way they taught her, trained her to be tough, tough enough to learn life herself.

After some consideration and checking her options, Wanda lastly decided to join Starfleet and after some preparations managed to get into the Academy.


  • 236205.14: Born on the DyAmone Family estate in Lorien, France to Rosemary and Gordon
  • 237408.02: Wanda returned to Lorien to safety of the DyAmone Estate and care of the family
  • 237609.01: After a few years of changing nannies and several running away from home, Wanda was sent to boarding school
  • 237712.05: Wanda was expelled from boarding school and her parents decided to leave her alone
  • 237809.01: Wanda started nursing school and her modeling career
  • 238005.05: As nurse, Wanda join humanitarian mission to the colony stricken by an unknown virus
  • 238307.02: Joins Starfleet Academy
  • 238912.23: Graduated from Academy and joins USS Drake 238912.25
  • 239003.12: During this mission Wanda worked a lot with Marvin Brolin, the Head Nurse and from that grew their love

Notable Relationships

  • Marvin Brolin - Head nurse, with whom Wanda has a relationship which is bordering between professional and personal. She really likes the man, but he is giving her puzzling signs, well, except their last kiss which was... good. With time their relationship turned into love. Marvin is currently (239102) on LoA.
  • James - Wanda worked with James closely twice, but it was enough for young engineer to earn her deepest respect. First time it was during very tense away team mission and then healing or maybe repairing Pandora after Android sustained heavy injuries saving the crew from the time bomb. Later on they spend some time together socially, despite James' Vulcan logic Wanda always had a great time with him.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238912.23
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Current Assignment: Chief Medical Officer
  • Duty Post: USS Atlantis

Awards & Commendations

  • Explorer’s Ribbon : 239003.13 for the USS Drake’s discovery of the Rhyssk and the Space Leviathans
  • Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon: 239006.21 for the USS Drake’s saving Ishkarians from of the pocket universes they were trapped in


  • 238912.23 : Wanda Graduated from Starfleet Academy and upon graduation receives orders to report to the transport that will take her to the rendezvous with Runabout USS Lora Baines which will take her to the USS Drake
  • 238912.25: Wanda arrived to USS Drake in the middle of the attack from Collosoform and had a fiery rest of the first day. Upon arrival USS Lora Baines landed into the shttlebay where the group of marines was trying to keep the bugs from infesting the ship and tear it apart while huge white space whale was doing it from outside. There she lost her first patient and made a resolution to never lose any other.
    Wanda’s first day aboard the Drake - Picture she sent to her parents
  • 239003.01: After stressful first mission Wanda truly enjoyed the time with crew at Chamadar Falls of Iskadarsta Shard, which she ended in playing with kids who grew to her heart.
  • 239003.12: Before crew could truly prepare for the mission ship was pulled over 2000 years into the past, and not once but twice. Wanda was in the away mission to the still whole Ishkarian homeworld where she met the scientist who knew what is going on and when she told him they will help everyone, h gave her all the information he had. It was unusual move, but time was short and Professor decided to act as he found it proper. His information helped Drake crew to save milions of Ishkarians from the pocket universes they were trapped in. Back to ship and knowing the fate of the other crew, Wanda helped herself from the other ship in transporting and hiding kids (which were very few on the little ship) to this ship and save them all what lead to the hearing from the Temporal affairs in which Captain William Rogers graciously saved the kids from being found.
  • 239007.13: Wanda was informed that her mother sustained heavy injuries during the mission and she leaves the crew of the USS Drake to joins her father just before their next mission to treat her mother.
  • 239011.27: Briefly rejoins crew of the Drake, now manning Starbase 118 Ops during the Elemental threat, but seeing that Starbase is not the safest place for her comatose mother, decides to leave for Earth and treat her further till she gets well. Her father retires and accompanies them.
  • 239102.02: Wanda returned to her home on Earth with her parents. On the way to Earth Wanda was constantly planning to issue the request for extension of her LoA status and explain reasons she rejoined her old Drake crew during the crises but when during the travel Wanda's mother awoke from coma nothing but mommy was important any more. When she received the orders to report to USS Atlantis it arrived as a shock. Wanda was trying to contact Captain Rogers and figure out what happened, but couldn't reach him and then there was no more time and she had to leave her parents and return to duty. Soon she will find out what adventure awaits her with this new crew.
  • 239102.06: Promoted to Chief Medical Officer, preparations were finished and ship launched on it's shakedown cruise to escort Grenushi diplomat, Telnoth Kylon Haerin of Uzoka 5 with a gift for the people of Uzoka 4, Planet-Republic of the Krayav in order to negotiate the peace
  • 239103.02:

Working Areas

Her office is clean and empty of all personal items. There she keeps only her medical bag, when it is not displaced somewhere in the sickbay, where miraculously always nurses know when she needs it.

Always wanting to be sure she will have access to her medical bag she asked a friend from her year who was in engineering to make her a lock for her bag which will be similar to commbadge in the way that she will always be able to contact her bag, in cases she may displace it somewhere or as a communicator and transporter locator. Before it was installed she was always losing her bag and had long chase for it and got in trouble because of that. After it was installed, Wanda rarely used it. Murphy’s law. Since it was easily findable, secured with the locator, her medical bag was miraculously always at hand.

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