Walter Brunsig

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USS Triumphant
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Walter Brunsig
Full Name Walter Marten Brunsig
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Captain
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth 8th November
Age Mid Forties
Birthplace Cochem, Germany, Earth
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingGold 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg

Legion of Merit
Silver Star
Gold Lifesaving Ribbon
Purple Heart
Innovation Ribbon

Walter Brunsig is currently assigned as the Commanding Officer of the USS Triumphant. In the past he has served aboard Astrofori One and the USS Drake as the Strategic Operations Officer, and Chief Tactical officer aboard the USS Eagle, Starbase 118 and the Triumphant. He is a human in his early forties and abrupt, gruff, sarcastic, downright rude... and incredibly good at his job.


  • Height: 1.89m (6'2'')
  • Build: Broad and muscular.
  • Carriage: Long strides with lots of momentum
  • Handedness: Right-handed.
  • Hair Colour: Blond.
  • Length of Hair: Short.
  • Eye Colour: Blue.
  • Skin Tone: Fair.
  • Voice: Baritone, with a faded German accent.
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None that he's showing you.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Earth casual; shirts, slacks.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None.


Armed with a powerful intellect and strategic thinking, Walter can overcome or outmanoeuvre obstacles that seem unbeatable to most. He is characterised by an often ruthless level of rationality, using his drive, determination and sharp mind to achieve whatever end he has set for himself. In any kind of conflict, he can be dominant, relentless, and unforgiving. This isn't because he is coldhearted or vicious per se — on the contrary, he feels very deeply — but that he genuinely enjoys the challenge and the battle of wits, and if the other side can't keep up, that is no reason for him to fold on success.

He respects anyone who is able to stand up to him intellectually, and who is able to act with a precision and quality equal to his own. Walter has a particular skill in recognizing the talents of others, building efficient and capable teams equal to the tasks they encounter, and enjoys mentoring and developing those with promise. However, he also has a particular skill in calling out others' failures with a spectacular degree of insensitivity, and he will simply crush those he views as inefficient, incompetent or lazy.

He is not an easy man to be friends with, often as demanding in personal relationships as he is in professional ones, but anyone who can keep up with him intellectually will find an honest and dedicated friend. Over the years, he has slowly learnt to recognise and adapt to the needs of his friends and loved ones, and understands that even the most rational individuals have emotional needs that must be met.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Efficient
  • Energetic
  • Self-confident
  • Strong-willed
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Motivational
  • Stubborn and dominant
  • Intolerant
  • Impatient
  • Can be cold and ruthless
  • Poor handling of emotions

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Music: Walter is an accomplished violist, though it is a hobby he is intensely private about and shares with exceptionally few people.
  • Fitness: Since the academy, Walter has been a student of Lerdrit, and practices regularly. He also keeps in condition by lifting weights and running.
  • Literature: A voracious reader, he is always part-way through at least one book at any given time, and his reading list is composed of authors from across the Federation.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes:
    • Music: Having played since he was young, music is an integral part of Walter's life.
    • Drinking: Preferably alone, he enjoys a good brandy or whiskey.
  • Dislikes:
    • Social Situations: Hell is other people.

Living Quarters

Walter travels light and keeps very little in the way of personal effects in his quarters. The furnishings are all standard-issue and he has made no effort to personalise his living space beyond the addition of a few decorations. A print of Vincent van Gogh's "The Starry Night" hangs on one wall, complemented by a "Starry Night Over the Rhone" on another. A pair of sturdy, post-eventualist, pre-Matoian sculptures from Bajor sit on a corner table by the sofa. His viola is kept well-protected in its case at all times when he isn't practising, hidden away and out of sight from prying eyes.

Working Areas

Walter usually works out of his ready room on the Triumphant. It is the epitome of efficiency; neat at all times, regardless of workload and completely lacking in any personal touches, except for a sturdy (often partially empty) decanter set.



  • Father: Marten Brunsig
  • Mother: Annalise Keller
  • Step-Father: Daniel Wolff
  • Sister: Emilie Brunsig (deceased)

Name Relationship Description
Quinn Reynolds.jpg
Quinn Reynolds
Dylan Reynolds (age 12).jpg
Dylan Reynolds
Amelia Reynolds (Age 4).jpg
Amelia Reynolds

Friends and Associates

Name Relationship Description
Rocar Drawoh
Old Friend One of Walter's few friends at the academy, the two formed a bond in the academy that continued into their separate careers.
Aeva Velas
Valesha Sienelis (on the run).png
Valesha Sienelis
Partner in Crime
Jo Marshall
Friend from a Dream


Name Relationship Description
Rhys Bejain
Former CO and Mentor To this day, Rhys still sends Walter "care packages" from Bajor, which always includes a bottle of Bajoran brandy.
Alucard Vess
Colleague Two strong personalities with very defined opinions, Walter and Alucard Vess frequently butt heads when they come into contact with one another.


On the Triumphant
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