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Williams, Wallace

  • Serial Number: WS-310-519
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Position: Marine
  • Assignment:
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Marine on the Romulan Border worlds. Tasks included

Patrol, Sabotage, Infiltration, Assault and Extraction


Special Force Recon marines, Unit 13th Black (Black Ops.) Alpha and Beta Quadrant wide deployments. tasks included

Sabotage, Infiltration, Assassination, Recon and Exfil, VIP Extraction, Intelligence work, Assault and Extraction

You are viewing a classified file. Special Permission may be required, you are being monitored.

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
private 2383-2384 Romulan Border Worlds Several Low value Search and Rescue, Planetary Patrol and Defence operations
Private First Class 2385 klingon Border Worlds. Operation Indomitus, S&R, REACT on loss of science crew, Exempelar Performance led to intrest from Starfleet Intelligence and Spec Ops units.
Corporal 2386 USS Yormungander (Spec OPS) (Intrepid) *Operation Silver Beam, Striking of several Nausican Installation and capture or elimination of VIPs

Corporal 2387 Klingon Border Worlds. *Neutralisation of High Value Klingon Rebel with anti Federation intent.*Sabotage of Gorn Hidden Hostile Chemical Facility
Corporal 2388 USS Yormungandr (Spec OPS) (Intrepid) *Gathering of Intelligence about several unknown Orion/Nausican Kingpins.
Corporal 2389 USS Yormungandr (Spec OPS) (Intrepid) *Operation Rook Falls, Elimination of Orion King Pin Ana'Duek Massive failure. Resulting in the death of over 100 Field assets, and 3 starships and a portion of their assigned personel. Including USS Yormungandr
Corporal 2389 USS Excellence (Spec OPS) (Akira Class) *Operation Shadow Play, Elimination of High Value Cardassian Terrorist Anti Federation Intent.

short list of military distinctions

Medal of Valor, rank B, achieved for rescuing CO from Nausicaan Pirates under fire. Medal of Courage, Rank A, Achieved for destroying Nausicaan Pirate organisation on stardate

Medal of Valor, Rank A, achieved for exemplary valor in completing objectives without question against all odds.

Distinguished service medal, accompanied by Honorary discharge and a recommendation towards Starfleet, after showing interest to join this organization, please contact Colonel McKenzee for more information

Military career: Starfleet Marines Corporal,

Marksman 1, advanced

Squad tactics and section command

Field First Aid

Computers and radar/sonar

Demolition and explosives

You are viewing a classified file. Special Permission may be required, you are being monitored.