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==Mission Dated: 237707.16==
Source: ''UFOP Reporter'', Issue #38<br />
# [[Walkabout (Wallace)|Walkabout]] - 237707.16
By: Captain V. McGregor
# [[The K'lox (Wallace)|The K'lox]] - 237708.15
# [[Pursue the Wallace (Wallace)|Pursue the Wallace]] - 237807.03
"Well I am happy to say Wallace has been safetly launched and is at present doing a walk about. We will be seeing exactly how she handles. As we are presently trying to get all the kinks out of Wallace our current plot is slowly forming.By the next reporter I will be able to actually send a report."
# [[Wedded Bliss (Wallace)|Wedded Bliss]] - 237902.02
# [[Wherefore Art Thou? (Wallace)|Wherefore Art Thou?]] - 238204.11
==Mission Dated: 237708.15==
# [[Fire on the Wallace (Wallace)|Fire on the Wallace]] - 238207.08
Source: ''UFOP Reporter'', Issue #39<br />
By: Captain V. McGregor
Following the launch of the UFOP'S latest Steamrunner class starships, the [[Wallace]] responded to a distress call from the USS Winnipeg, they claimed they had been attacked by a hostile alien race calling themselves the K'lox.
Arriving at the scene in became evident that Captain Ulrich of the Winnipeg had fired first on the K'lox thus provoking them. At present Captain Ulrich has been taken into custody and attempts to diffuse the volatile situation with the K'lox we're undertaken.
The K'lox however we're not satisfied with this response and have repeatedly attacked the Wallace.
The K'lox have been able to use a technology similar to the "wall of light" that StarFleet experimented with years ago to get onto vessels undetected. Due to this device the K'lox managed to get an operative on board who seriously wounded the CO and abducted Captain Ulrich and the Wallace's First Officer Commander Ross.
A rescue operation is currently underway.
==Mission Dated: 237902.02==
Source: ''UFOP Reporter'', Issue #40<br />
By: Captain Jay Ross
After returning from a mission in a parallel universe where the Federation had been overrun by the dominion, the crew of the Wallace ?©e Lieutenant Commander Brown. The entire crew is invited with Captain Mcgregor giving the happy couple away.
==Mission Dated: 238204.11==
Source: ''Monthly Ship Summaries'', April 2005
The Wallace is still investigating and trying to locate the
Upon moving closer, the crew has unraveled a nebula and a plasma trail that could very well heighten the tension baking among them.
It was decided that the ship be placed under Yellow Alert (standing ready for anything, continuing onward with their voyage) as the
==Mission Dated: 238207.08==
Source: ''Monthly Ship Summaries'', July 2005
The crew of the USS Wallace is currently spending a much needed leave on Deep Space 17. Their relaxation has been interrupted, however, by an explosion aboard the ship. Fortunately there were no casualties, only any minor injuries. But the mystery remains, who caused the explosion? And why was Deck 3, a crew quarters deck, targeted?
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