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Four Letter Code WLTH
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Miralon III, Par'tha Expanse region
Encountered ATL: "Hidden Hand"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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"How can we serve you."
a Waleth greeting.
The Waleth are an unusual species who seem to exist for only one reason, to provide entertainment and recreational facilities to others.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Freeworlds Region (coordinates A31-0001-1296)
  • Proper Name: Miralon system
  • Star: It orbits a class G (Yellow) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 142 million km
  • Companions: It is the 3rd of 4 planets in the system.
  • Moons: it has 6 moons.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Miralon III
  • Diameter: 123,600 km (76,801 miles)
  • Gravity: 5.31 standard gravity with a density of 2.9
  • Axial Tilt: 0.3%, with no seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 335 days
  • Rotational Period: 26 hours
  • Classification: J
  • Surface Water: 0%
  • Atmosphere: 3.78% is a high pressure with 63% gaseous hydrogen, 28% hydrogen compounds and 9% trace chemicals
  • Climate: Planetary conditions incapable of sustaining life. Pleasant conditions created by environmental controls on all anti-gravity platforms.
  • Terrain: none (gas giant)
  • Population: 2.3 million scattered across 10 separate cities of interconnected anti-gravity platforms.


Miralon III is known in the Freeworlds Region of the Par'tha Expanse as the homeworld of the Waleth people. But the Waleth are not indigenous to the Miralon system, and they would be the first to admit it.

In fact, they do not know from where their species originated. Scientific study proves conclusively that it would be impossible for the Waleth to have evolved on the gas giant. Their recorded history goes back several millennia, and shows that the Waleth emigrated to Miralon III, but gives no clue as to an original homeworld.

No records exist from their pre-emigration. Miralon III may not have been their destination, either. The extensive amount of technological construction needed for the Waleth to survive on the gas giant would have been a deterrent to its choice as a new homeworld. Unfortunately, no records exist as to a final destination, either.

What the few records that still exist from their earliest recorded arrival seem to indicate is that the floating anti-gravity platforms and the technology that make them habitable to most humanoid species was already there waiting for them when they arrived.

As a result many experts believe that for whatever reason they were transported to this location, some species or force had already constructed the facilities that the Waleth moved into and now live in. What is unclear is who did it and if it was the same ones that moved the Waleth there in the first place.

Regardless since their arrival in this system and their very first contact with other species they have been providing recreational and entertainment facilities to any and all species that may wish to take advantage of their unique floating communities.


They are by far the most unusual member of the Freeworlds Council and not just because they seem to exist merely to entertain others. In many ways they do not follow any of the expected rules and conventions of any known form of independent government.

What they do have is independent government that is set up more like a giant corporation. In fact this is supported by the name they give their government, the Waleth Gaming and Resort Commission (WGRC).


Physically, the Waleth are a humanoid race whose average height is about 6'3" tall. Their limbs are fairly thick. Their skin is a grey color with a leathery consistency. They have no hair at all and an unusual thick skin growth above their eyes that replaces eyebrows. They have large dark eyes and shallow noses. Breathing is accomplished through gill-like apertures behind their ears. Their tall stature gives them a long gait when they walk. The size of a Waleth head is about the same as a human from side to side and front to back, but is almost twice the height. Waleth have only four digits on each appendage, that is four toes on each foot, and three fingers and a thumb on each hand. Their voices also tend to resonate at the lower octaves.

Because of their size, most Waleth wear loose fitting robes, tied around the waist with ornate belts that represent their family lineage and current social status. The clothing itself comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. The females do not wear any jewelry, while the males wear necklaces and chains that connect their earrings around the back of the neck. The jewelry again signifies social status and choice of employment.


As with most intelligent humanoid species they have a very complex system with specialized organs, and unique hormones, chemicals and enzymes. They are typical humanoids with most of the physical, mental and biological medical problems that seem to plague most humanoids.


The Waleth themselves show no outward emotion. One could say they take great pride in their work, that of making others happy. But other than their ever-present drive towards that goal, the Waleth show no sense of pride or any other emotion for that matter. While they can smile, they do so as a courtesy for their customers. It holds no meaning for them as a race.


They have no religion or any indication that they ever did. In fact other than their desire to please their visitors they do not seem to have any interest in anything.


They have no records of any belonging to their own species and no interest in any unless they can be used to entertain their visitors. As a result those that they do have stored in their records and data files seem to all belong to other species.


Their entire society seems to revolve around gaming, recreation and the overall enjoyment of life by their customers. The Waleth themselves seem to take great pride in their work, that of making others happy but they do not seem to enjoy life themselves.

The anti-gravity platforms that their homes, recreational facilities and tourist accommodations are built on are a strange mix of exotic grandeur and bare simplicity.

All of those areas designed for the tourists are opulent with waterfalls, fountains and exotic birds, insects and small mammals. All of which had to be shipped in from various worlds. The sleeping, eating and recreational facilities for their guests are top notch with no expense spared.

However the exact opposite is true of those areas set aside for their own living spaces. These are completely lacking in any decoration, being completely sterile and impersonal. They seem to be merely functional, serving as places to sleep and eat as they do not seem to do anything else besides serve their customers.


The Waleth are a conundrum. Though their entire culture revolves around gaming, recreation and the overall enjoyment of life, the Waleth themselves seem to take no pleasure in any of it. They also do not seem to have developed any artistic art forms of any kind, merely borrowed or purchased them from other species to decorate their recreational facilities or entertain their visitors.


None have ever been seen or documented and some experts believe that as illogical as it may seem it could be possible that even though they are obviously an intelligent species that they never developed any or more likely have abandoned them over time, especially as they seem to have been relocated by some other species.


While the Waleth as a race do not have warp capabilities, they will travel on ships of other races and venture outside the Miralon system. As far as starships go, the Waleth have a few dozen sub-light vehicles for travel inside their system, but nothing capable of leaving their solar system.

The rest of the Waleth technology is definitely more primitive than most Federation technology except in the fields of Gravimetrics and Mathematics. In both cases they excel at these sciences as is proven by the various engineering feats needed for the anti-gravity platforms the Waleth exist on within the atmosphere of a gas giant. The environmental controls needed to make life not only possible but pleasing to visitors is phenomenal and just further proof that they have mastered the skills need to survive.


Their entire economy exists to provide entertainment, recreation and various types of gaming opportunities to their visitors. As a result every aspect of their society seems to be geared towards the tourism industry. Most of their luxury goods such as exotic foods, ales, spirits, clothes, etc. are purchased and shipped in so that they can maximize the enjoyment of their customers and tourists.


They do not have any military forces but do have a very well trained and equipped police force that is capable of handling just about any disturbance caused with in any of their recreational or gaming facilities.

Even without any warships or military to enforce their rules they have little to fear from outside aggressive forces. For one they have nothing that anyone would want as most of their goods and foods are purchased and shipped in. Besides this is the fact that most ships would have to enter the atmosphere of the gas giant in order to attack them and this would decrease their ships defensive capabilities to the point where the automated defense facilities can easily destroy them.

Federation Intelligence Files

Members of this species were encountered by the crew of the USS Atlantis on an away mission to Urlista Station in the Aelann system on 238207.26


This is an original Starbase 118 species created by the crew of the USS Atlantis.


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