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Lieutenant Chris Wadham is a Human Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Victory in the 2380s.

He was assigned to Victory in 2382, where the ship was ordered to Janis VI in the Quintan system to meet a Tanugan science team that had been studying the flora and fauna of the planet. Wadham was part of an away team that went to the surface to report to the administration center, when the team found a consignment of engineering equipment to transport aboard. They were arrested while trying to pick up their cargo. After being led through back streets, the away team was attacked where Wadham was injured. After fighting their way free, Captain Hurne ordered them to return to the ship. He would recover to assist the team in locating Ensign Lily Ventu, who had been missing, and were successful in tracking and rescuing her.

His efforts aboard Victory earned him a promotion to Lieutenant JG on stardate 238301.18. He would then particpate in a Victory effort to rescue marines taken hostage by Romulans.

After he was promoted to Lieutenant, Victory headed for Deep Space 9 along its mission to carry a Bajoran Delegation to Cardassia Prime with prisoners to exchange as a good faith gesture. Following orders given by acting captain Lt. Cmdr Paul Diamond, Wadlam made inquiries to the senior commissioner of the prisoner exchange, Dankin Rann. It was discovered the Victory crew were dealing with Cardassians with military training. Wadlam then takes care of provisions for the journey to DS9.

He was made Chief of Operations on stardate 238301.18. During the year, he'd investigate an FNS article defaming the Victory’s captain. Contacting an FNS 2nd Editor, Ms. Sophia Lecheva, Lt. Wadham was assured that proper investigative steps would be taken to ensure that the information being published was accurate.

When Victory suffers numerous malfunctions across all systems in 238307, Wadham works tirelessly with Ben Hunnicut to regain control of the warp drive. They were able to bring several systems back online for a short time before controls shorted out once more, leaving them in the dark.

Wadham was awarded the Barclay Bead in 2382, and continued to serve as the Victory's Chief of Operations until 238503.08.