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Founding Member Species:


Former Homeworld:

Votira Prime (Earth Like, twice the size) M Class, was made up of over 7000 islands.


Torga Cha, on the North Mountain island. The Capital Island was a small Island that had a population of about 12,000 Vorate and a few other Species. The buildings there were tall and grand, built in the planet's finest riches. The Capitol Building and Parliament Building set in the very center of the island with parks all around them. All the Department Headquarters stretched out around the parks. All the way to the waters edge. The only place on the island that is not built on is the Mountain of GraKincan. But there was a secret deep underground command center deep under the Mountain.

The Vorate also had a few colonies scared around their system of space. To include a space station designed to study subspace anti time technologies .


Tall Human Like, Cat type eyes, Blue skin tones. Has very high intelligence, and was once a deeply sensitive race. Now has become Cold, Detached from reality and very Manipulative.

There Leader is Minister Grenger. He has lead for the last 45 years but in the last 5 years he has been seen very little. He keeps to his office, doing research and study.

The Vorate are natural leaders, they tend to wear rich clothing. Robes of Black and Purple. (Like the Romans)

There Military wears a uniform made up of a black leather type and metal. There Top Rank is Grand Master Coxswain. The Commanders of Ships are Called Coxswain. They also have ground assault teams, with landing craft and deployable bases