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Homeworld: Vonda IV



They are ruled by the strongest among them. At any time they could be challenged and killed. The winner assumes the rights and privlages of the rank.


They all look like japanesse sumo wrestlers except their skin tone is midnight black. They are all bald with massive muscles. They have cruel features and sharp gleaming white teeth. They seldom wear shirts but do wear loose dark gray pants and black boots. They also wear earings, necklaces and large solid metal arm bands and wrist bands. The more metal jewlery they wear the more important they are.

On average all of them are 5'10" to 6'4" tall and weight between 300 lbs and 350 lbs.

Females dress and look the same except for a single dark gray piece of cloth that is wrapped around their chects and cover their breasts.


They have a larger bone mass and larger muscle mass than most races. In fact their bones are so dense that they seldom ever have to worry about them breaking. On the rare occassion that they do break a bone they seldom live long enought to worry about it as they are usually killed by someone below them seeking to take their place.

Strangely enough their are no doctors of any kind among their people.


They are a cruel and violent race. While they may treat others of their race with a certain degree of acceptance all others are beneath them. They live to torment, torture and degrad all others. They also will eat any form of meat, includeing the bodies of any and all intelligent races that they get their hands on.


Religion is for weaklings. We are the closest thing to gods that you will ever meet. Surrender now and you might be lucky enought to live on as our slaves.


No know myths at this time.


Their society is brutal, violent and totally devoid of any form of kindness or compassion. Everyone must constantly stay on their toes becouse at any minute they could be attacked and killed for their higher rank.


The only form of entertainment they have is to watch other races being tortured, maimed and forced to fight each other to the death. The losers are then useually eaten.


Unknown at this time.


They have an average level of technology but do not have transporter or replicator technology.


They employ a couple other races to do most of the fighting and dieing for them. These are the shaggy animalistic Banth and the reptilian Gor'Dith.