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Fighting Stones II (USS Challenger-A)

  • As it is often, things this time didn’t happen as planned…

... after many days trying to get any closer to her love, she finally found a transport to DS 24. And it was closer, much closer, but in vain since Marcus send her a letter explaining the research is secret and nobody not involved in it cannot get aboard, least on a planet, but it should end soon. So Vojana decided to stay on DS 24 waiting for him, but arrived the worst possible moment.

... before was even able to realize what is happening on a station, explosion shook it and she was hit by a set of stairs cutting her both legs under the knees. To save her life medics choose to amputate legs in a spot. When awoke few days later she asked not to be left on that station and was transferred to USS Challenger’s Mediplex, where met her former pupil who helped her with getting bionic replacements until her legs are grown in cloning tanks.

... on their way to Kaccla ship experienced explosion, but was fast repaired, despite shortage of supplies. Ship soon got contacted by nearby station which provided aid in the manner of supplies and new officers to join the crew. One of them was Marcus and her friends carefully planned and organized to tell her about his arrival, but comm ruined their plan. Finding out he's going on away mission Vojana went to meet him in a shuttle bay.

Double Trouble (USS Challenger-A)

...Since being stuck in hoverchair Vojana experienced very little of the mission, but spent lot of time trying to set the life for her and Marcus aboard the new Ship. Her recuperation didn’t go well and she was recommended to try and find a settlement or a home aboard the station where will have constant and regular attention and rehabilitation.

...When explained it to Marcus and told him she plans to spend some time on Bukva at her parent’s home he decided to join her. Last day aboard the Challenger Vojana and Marcus spent in holodeck where she proposed him!

Ghost Ship (USS Challenger-A)

...After the Wedding Marcus returned to Challenger and Vojana stayed alone and lonely on Bukva station cared and cherished by her family. Her will to rejoin her husband helped her to recover faster than even she believed possible, but her travel back to Challenger didn't go as planned.

...After the strange explosion on the transport ship she ended sharing Escape Pod with Mark Saran, young Security officer and Carrie Cartwright. They landed on pelagic planet in Bajor sector, fighting forces of nature in real test of survival skills!

Summer Session (USS Challenger-A)

Important places

  • Tounjcica - family estate on Bukva

As all other estates, Tounjcica is deforested group of pastures and paddocks and a home not just to Satscher family, but to whole Family Satscher with all the workers and their families.

Main building is a brick house, a copy of old family house on Earth. Not far from main house are outbuildings.

Important people

If anything the two experienced The Hell together, and that opened them for love and devotion. Hard times only broadened their love to be fully experienced in years to come.

Despite being shipmates for some time, Vojana and Marcus met for the first time during the promotion ceremony in 238408.07 after her second mission aboard. And attraction was instant. But it still took them years to confess it to each other. And roaming the universe away from each other didn’t help in getting them closer, but feelings never died.

After a long time away from each other… read in challenger Mission as Civilian!

Despite their mostly professional relationship finding Ventu always by her side when needed a friend or just a hand Vojana grew to love her. And when saw her in distress over a transfer of Doctor Hayden Reynolds, and recognizing their love Vojana made that small push they needed to finally get together in marriage. Thankful Lily and Hayden named Vojana a Godmother to their son Rhys Ventu (Reynolds).

For Vojana first encounter with half Vulcan was somewhat bumpy, but in time she learned to respect her for the fact that could always count on her.

There will always be a special place in Vojana’s heart for her first Captain.

In two months they spent together while she was repairing his muscles, Vojana learned much about bravery from the man. His decision to do it natural way through hard work and discipline made him one of people she will never forget.

During her early years in Starfleet Allen was big friend and a great support. During their last mission together Vojana was not sure between him and Marcus, but a kindness of the other overbalanced…

In a case where didn't have to, Riley put her reputation on line to save Vojana's life and career. Vojana would never admit to adore her former CO, but in a case like this admitting anything would be just lame. Despite some different views Vojana hold her in highest regard.

Young Doctor entered Vojana's heart helping her through one of the hardest times of her life. Despite the differences in opinions Vojana kept a Teddy Bear he brought her (a blackfurred bear about 1/2 meter in height, tan paws(inside) and with rich honey colored eyes that are a bit glossy, its fur would be short and he has a red bow tie on), with love always on display in her quarters.