Visitors in the Night (Juneau)

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The crew of the Juneau is investigating a black hole circling a quasar, when probes pick up evidence of a derelict vessel on the verge of being pulled in. Closer inspection shows it to be a pair of vessels, a large vessel of unknown origin and a smaller but still large Mithgiln vessel.

Plot Summary

Part 1

The USS Juneau, tasked to investigate a black hole circling a quasar, detects a pair of ancient vessels, one a bronze-colored vessel of unknown origin, the other a Shonora vessel of Mithgiln origin. The Mithgiln vessel is closer to the black hole and has appeared to take on much more damage than the other, subsequence scans make it appear to have been the victim of a collision, but that it is also in the slow process of healing. The bronze colored vessel is closer, less damaged, and the XO has led an away team to investigate the interior, picking up contradictory lifesigns.

The crew aboard the Juneau was able to observe the damaged Mithgiln vessel in detail and observed that it was quite damaged mid-ship. The Away Team was able to board the bronze vessel with a group of Marines and scientists.

Part 2

The Away Team was already inside the ship where they evidence of a fight in an area inside the ship, they were also able to find a cryogenic chamber with a group of humanoids, including a Mithgiln. The boarding team discovered that the ship was a prison and that they were in a time loop within the same ship and were attacked by a group of unidentified "space animals. After a close encounter with a crew they did not understand they decided to bring to Juneau to learn more about them.

On the other hand, the team on board the Juneau was deciphering what was happening and the possible effects of the gravitational waves of the Black Hole on both their ship and the Mithgiln vessel - identified as the Ma'al - after deciphering a transmission which indicated the vessel had been rammed by the bronze vessel. The Juneau has concentrated on repairs to the vessel, hoping to allow it to escape the Black Hole's grip.

Part 3

The Away Team manages to escape the alien vessel as the Juneau crew manages to repair the Shonora vessel. During the Away Team's escape they manage to escape with data cores and other information, along with a member of the Shornora's crew which is turned over to Mithgiln authorities. The Shornora vessel is successfully healed and heads off toward its home space.