Village of Evil (Challenger)

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"Village of Evil"

Written by Toni Turner

The Crew of the U.S.S. Challenger is on shore leave on Shinraka, when they are contacted by Star Fleet Intelligence wanting them to go to Dessica II in the Kaleb sector to shut down Pirate activities and investigate possible Romulan activity.

After capture, one of the pirate, wanting immunity, tells of a hidden village on the where the Tal Shiar (Romulan intelligence organization) keeps political hostages. Their torture methods are evil and sadistic so the away team goes in search of the village to free the prisoners and oust the Tal Shiar.

In space, the Romulans have a stand off with the U.S.S. Challenger. War is at stake and the home team has to use diplomacy to keep them a bay until the team has completed the mission. The Romulans don't know what the Tal Shiar is up to, and the Challenger must complete the mission to free the captives.

Away Team:

  • Lt.Cmdr Toni Turner, CO.
  • Lt.Jg. Hugh Barnes, Tactical/Security
  • Ensign Alex Swift, Helm (Shuttle USS Irwin)
  • Ensign Ti'Brus, Science
  • Dr. Jerry Reid, Medical
  • PNPC Marines
    • Bleene (Played by T'Pen)
    • Dade Adarnis (Played by Heath West)
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