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UFOP:Starbase 118 ID Cards have been designed for the crew of the USS Vigilant and are just a fun graphic that can displayed on character wiki bio pages. Lt Cmdr Greir Reinard is the primary contact for having an ID Card created or updated and can contacted by email.

How to get an ID Card

The character the ID Card is to be made for must first have a "face" to represent them and it must be fitted with an appropriate StarFleet uniform before an ID Card can be made. The (Image) Collective or Lt Cmdr Greir Reinard are able help with this if you needed.

Other information that must be included with the request for an ID Card is:

  • Character's date of birth. This is usually in the format: GAMEYEARMONTH.DAY The game year can be found on the [Members area] of the website at the top right under 'Today's Stardate'. For example, 236209.18 represents a character born in 2362 on the 18th of September.
  • Character's Serial Number. This is completely invented and to keep consistency throughout all the ID Cards should have 2 letters, a dash, three numbers, a dash, three numbers. For example: MD-607-532 Remember to check the StarFleet Serial Number Register to make sure the serial number is not already in use.
  • The rest of the details should be on the Character's bio page already but if they aren't be sure to inculde them in your request. (This includes: Full name, Race, Gender, Rank, Duty Post, Assignment.)

How to display your ID Card on the wiki

Step by Step guide for displaying ID cards on wiki pages.

The finished image that will be provided is quite large and has dimensions of 1010x639 pixels, as a result it takes up a lot of room on the page when displayed full size. Fortunately wiki code can be used to shrink the size of the image to something more reasonable, so there is no need to alter the image provided. There are two main ways to display your ID and both will be described below.

Displaying the ID Card next to a block of text

The first and simplest way to display the card is to slip it in next to a block of text such as career history data as demonstrated below:

  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Current Assignment: USS Vigilant
  • Duty Post: Chief Counselor

Career History

  • Cadet: 2380-2385: StarFleet Academy
  • Ensign: 238507.30 - 238602.13: USS Washington, Counselor
  • LtJG: 238602.13 - 238701.27: USS Washington, Counselor
  • Lt: 238701.27 - 238705.05: Starbase Assignment, Counselor
    238705.05 - 238803.19: Starbase Assignment, Assistant Chief Counselor
    238803.19 - 238905.18: Starbase Assignment, Chief Counselor
  • LtCmdr: 238905.18 - 238915.12: Starbase Assignment, 238915.12 - Present, USS Vigilant

Copy and paste the wiki code provided below into the character bio to be updated.The text highlighted red is the filename of the image ID card and needs to edited to show the filename of the appropriate card. You can find the filename of an ID card by right clicking on the thumnails provided in the Completed ID Cards Section below and opening it in a new tab or window. The text that follows: File: is the filename. For example, if the title says File:CrewID102.jpg then the file name is CrewID102.jpg. The text highlighted blue needs to be edited to display data as appropriate.


*'''Current Rank:''' Rank
*'''Current Assignment:''' ''[[Ship/Assignment]]''
*'''Duty Post:''' Duty Post

<font size="3">'''Career History'''</font>

*'''Cadet:'''   Dates and details
*'''Ensign:'''   Dates and details
*'''LtJG:'''   Dates and details
*'''Lt:'''   Dates and details <br> Dates and details
*'''LtCmdr:'''   Dates and details

Displaying the ID Card in a gallery

Another method of displaying pictures is to use a gallery as demonstrated below.

The <gallery> tag opens the gallery. Each image is added on a new line and the filename is highlighted in red and needs changed as appropriate as mentioned before. The symbol: | Is used after the filename and the text that follows is the description which appears underneath the image. This is highlighted blue and needs changed as appropriate.

Image: filename.jpg|Image description
Image: Greir.jpg| Image description

A larger preview of the image can be achieved by adding to the <gallery> tag. heights: and widths: define how wide and tall the previewed images in the gallery should be. This is defined by pixels and contained within ". Below is a demonstration for comparison.

To achieve the larger gallery thumbnails copy and paste the following code. The filename is highlighted in red, the blue text indicated the image description which appears below the image, and the gree text is the heights, and widths which can be adjusted as appropriate.

<gallery heights="200" widths="300">
Image: filename.jpg|Image description
Image: Greir.jpg| Image description

Completed ID Cards

Only the ID cards for current characters on the USS Vigilant are shown here, ID cards for inactive characters can be found in the page 'Category:USS Vigilant Character ID Cards'. Characters from other ships can be found on the page 'Category:Character ID Cards', which is linked at the bottom of the page.

DiegoID.jpg Starfleet ID Handley-Page.jpg File:Starfleet ID Reinard.jpg Starfleet ID Thomas.jpg
Starfleet ID taJOOT.jpg Starfleet ID Eerie.jpg Starfleet ID Reed.jpg Starfleet ID Brown.jpg
Starfleet ID Malon.jpg Starfleet ID Zehn.jpg