Vigilant-A Deck Layout

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Note: This page is currently under construction.
This notice was placed here by Diego Herrera, so go bug them to finish the page if nothing's happening.
USS Vigilant-A Deck Layout
Deck Central Dorsal
1 Main Bridge
Captain’s Ready Room
Observation Lounge
Transporter Room 1
Captain’s Quarters
2 Transporter Rooms 2 & 3
Pulse Phaser Emitters
First Officer’s Office
Central Bridge
First Officer’s Quarters
Conference Room
Dorsal Computer Core
Flight Control
Senior Officers’ Quarters
Shuttlebay 1
Docking Clamps and Microtractors
3 Central Computer Core
Gymnasium, Counselling Office
V.I.P. Quarters
Senior Officers’ Quarters
Dorsal Engineering
Dorsal Computer Core (Main Access)
RapidFire Quantum Torpedo Tube (Active during Multivector Mode only)
Torpedo Magazine
Shuttlebay 1 (Main Access)
Docking Clamps and Microtractors
4 The Watchpost Lounge (Upper floor)
Main Sickbay
Chief Medical Officer’s Office
Medical Labs 1 and 2
Cybernetics Lab
Surgical Suite
Pulse Fire Quantum Torpedo Tube
Torpedo Magazine
Intelligence Labs 1 & 2
Intel Office
Stellar Cartography
Shuttlebay 2
Docking Clamps and Microtractors
5 The Watchpost Lounge
Senior Officers’ Quarters
Cargo Bay 1
Holodecks 1 & 2 - Rubica Island
Dorsal Deflector
Dorsal Deflector Control
Stellar Cartography (Main Access)
Shuttlebay 2 (Main Access)
Docking Clamps and Microtractors
6 Central Deflector Housing
Central Deflector Control
Slipstream Control
Central Engineering
Crew Quarters
Dorsal Infirmary
Runabout Dock
Docking Clamps and Microtractors
7 Port & Starboard Docking Ports
Environmental Control
Crew Quarters
Environmental Controls
Antimatter Storage and Processing
Storage Pods
8 Ventral Bridge
Ventral Infirmary
Mess Hall
Ops Office
Holodeck 3
Deuterium Tankage
Primary Tractor Beam Emitter
Docking Clamps and Microtractors
9 Transporter Room 4
Cargo Bays 2 & 3
Ventral Computer Core
Main Engineering
Aft Torpedo Launcher
10 Pulse Phaser Emitters
Engineering Office
Main Engineering (Main Access)
Ventral Computer Core
11 Main Deflector Control
Security Office
Interview Room
Phaser Range
Crew Quarters
12 Science Office
Science Labs 1-4
Testing Isolation Chamber
Hydroponics Bay
13 Antimatter Processing and Storage
Environmental Control
Storage Pods