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Forum Banners have been designed for the crew of the USS Vigilant-A which are in keeping with the general style created for many of the fleet's ships yet individual like the SIM region and its crew members. Diego Herrera is the primary contact for requesting a forum banner, and can be Contacted by email. Banners are made by Greir Reinard.

How to get a banner

Just send in a mail. Including a quote is optional and it can be updated at a later date as necessary. If a quote is to be included send it over when you make your request or the banner will be made without one. If you do not want one this should be indicated at the time the request is made, but be aware that this may create unwanted blank space on your banner.

Dual-ship banners

Players who have a second player character (2PC) on another ship may request a special, dual-ship forum banner. These banners have the name and rank, as well as the ship/assignment of both characters. There may or may not be room for quotes.

To request one follow the same procedure as above but submit the request for a dual-ship banner with the details for both characters. If one or both characters are to have quotes include them with the request but understand it may not be possible to include either/both.

How to display your banner on the forums

Step by Step guide for displaying a forum banner as a forum signature.
  • Log in to the forums.
  • At the top right of the page username is displayed- click on it and select My Profile
  • At the top right there is a button that says Edit my profile - click on it.
  • The page will now have a number of tabs on the left of the screen. Click on the one that says Signature
  • If a signature is currently displayed it will be shown at the top of the screen. There will be a white box beneath a title that says Edit my Signature
  • Click in the white box so you can see the text cursor in the box.
  • There is a row of images above the box, the 11th one on the second row, (It's square and looks like a mini Polaroid of a tree) click on the icon.
  • Paste in the direct link to your image, (Click on the appropriate banner below. It will open a character.png image page with update history. Click on the banner again and it will be displayed on it's own. Copy the address from the address bar - that is the direct link needed.) then click ok.
  • The image will now fill the white box. Click on it and then click center, which is the second last icon on row 2.
  • Click save changes at the bottom of the page.

Please note it may take some time for the signature to update and appear properly. Try refreshing the page or pressing control and F5. Be patient but if after a few hours it is still not working try again.

Completed Banners

Only the banners for current characters on the USS Vigilant-A are shown here, ID cards for inactive characters can be found in the page 'Category:Darwin-A Forum Banners'. Characters from other ships can be found on the page 'Category:Forum Banners', which is linked at the bottom of the page.